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What does Peace mean to me?


What does peace feel like?
What does it look like?
What does it sound like?
What does peace mean to you?


peace sign

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To me peace feels like security. It feels like knowing my children will be safe in their beds overnight while I sleep. It feels like a warm, snuggly feather down doona wrapped around my family, my loved ones and myself. It feels comfortable and supportive.


It feels like freedom.


It looks like children riding in the street and playing hopscotch on the path beside the road.


It looks like walking down to the chicken coop to get fresh eggs from the chickens.


It looks like catching a plane to Melbourne for a wine festival, driving to Sydney to see my family, and floating over the waves of the ocean staring up a blue sky so deep, so eternal that you could get lost in it.


It sounds like waking to the sound of kids playing monopoly on the floor of the lounge room. To me it sounds like people laughing and talking while the bbq beside them sizzles with sausages, steak and chicken kebabs.


It sounds like a bustling market in full swing on a Saturday morning with merchants selling and buyers negotiating loudly.


Like a fire crackling at a camp site in the middle of winter when you can’t walk away for fear your nose will freeze and your breath turns white in the air. It sounds like the typing of these keys on my keyboard while my children play.


What does peace mean to me? Everything.


hamsa hand

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Peace is a blessing I am so grateful for. It means I can raise my children in love, not fear. It means that I can be the best person I am able to be.


Peace means my children go to school safely.


It means I don’t wake to bombs dropping on my house.


I can travel through my country safely without going through regular checkpoints.


It means I don’t live under the threat of being accidentally shot by the soldiers on the corner of my street, even if they are on my side.


Do we take peace for granted? Yes I think we do, to an extent. I have never lived in a war zone. Which is such a blessing. But for that reason I know I take living in peace for granted. I can sympathise, but I really can’t empathise.


What do I wish for our world?


I wish for peace for every country and person that lives on our wonderful planet. I truly wish that every generation from now on could experience true blanket warming peace. The kind of peace that we live here in Australia.


In light of the anti-terror situation in Australia at the moment, I ask people to think on what it is that ISIS wants from us? What works for them? They want to divide our nation, they want us to protest at Mosques and they want Muslims to feel unwanted and hated. They want to destroy our peace.


But on this International Day of Peace I ask you to do something that’s harder to do than follow this regime of hate and fear.  The beautiful Muslim community in this country do not agree with ISIS. They do not agree with terror. There may be be some who do, but if 600 police only arrested 15 people out of 500,000 Muslims in our country, and the tip off came from within the Muslim community itself, please show me how the majority are in support?


little girl


Today marks a day when we can celebrate how blessed our country is to know, feel, hear and love peace. But the reality is we can destroy this peace from within our own walls without ISIS even setting foot here by hating on our own people and isolating a minority group to the point that they don’t feel they are true citizens of this wonderful country.


Peace to me is walking down a street and being free to have a coffee with my my friends, no matter what religion we are, no matter what country of nationality we are from. Peace is knowing you are safe and being able to act in love in all things.


Just for today, can you choose love in all your thoughts, words and actions? Just for today if you feel fear can you thank it and choose to feel love instead? Just for today can you ask yourself ‘what would love do in this situation’?


Much love


Leanne xo


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PS – also go check out what is happening over at the International Day of Peace website and Facebook. There are Feasts for Peace all over the world you can be involved in. Or donate to help bring peace to nations who know conflict. Join in the Global Meditation for Peace. At 12 noon gather  your friends and family for a moments silence for peace.


We can do this people! We can bring peace by living peace and living in love!







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