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The Refining of my Truth


So much has been happening in my little mind/heart/soul over this delicious week away.


Big changing decisions have been brewing and I can feel them below my skin…swirling…ready to make themselves known.


Being in a different place and having time has been inspiring.


Time with my babies


Time with my husband


Time with me


We are planning our Gyspy Wandering trip around Australia for next year.


beach coffs


I was planning what I want to do when I grow up.


And now I know.


For the next phase of my life I want to be a spiritual/life guide. (I know its not big news to anyone who knows me because I have discussed this before)


But then yesterday I had the HUGEST of constrictions.


I stopped believing I could
I stopped believing I should


I was coming from a place of lack. And not a place of gratitude, nor of abundance.


(My Spirit Sister may have called me and slapped me through the phone to get me out of this)


And I realised the only thing getting in my own way, is me.


Amanda said to me :: “This isn’t about you anymore. This message is bigger than you. By not doing this, you aren’t just hurting yourself, you are stopping the message you were meant to share with the world from getting there. You are standing in the way of the Universe.”


And so I accept that I have my truth and it needs to be told.




Under the full moon energy on Wednesday night this is what came to me :: This world will heal. We can do it. The women of the world must stand together – all races, cultures, religions and nationalities – stand together and say – we want it this way.


And it will happen.


Much love


Leanne x



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