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The beauty of Islam…

Recently Islam has been in the headlines because some people…I am guessing Muslim people….have used Allah and Muhammad (pbuh) when they have committed atrocious acts of cruelty and cowardice.


I have something to say about this, and it is in defence of the majority of Muslim people, so if you don’t like that stand, its probably best not to read it.


I am not Muslim, I have read the Quran, I have studied (although not intensely) the Haddiths. My beliefs are different from that of a Muslim person.


But there is something about Islam that draws me to it. The inner peace of the people who practice. The ability for them to surrender their human wants and needs to a greater love. The acknowledgment that we can do something on a global scale for those who are suffering, less fortunate. The sense of community that these people have with each other.


Yes I know what the haters say, that it is a religion of fear, and hate. That Muslims are allowed to lie to those who don’t believe, that they are asked by ‘their’ God to kill those who are disbelievers. And I would like to say, right here, I don’t buy it.


There are freaks out there, yes, there are those who want to kill, hurt, injure and torture people and they are claiming it is in the interests of Allah. But I would like to stand here today and celebrate EVERY single person who wakes up in the morning and chooses love over fear.


There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world and 99% of these people wake up (very early) and pray Fajr. In this prayer they make du’aa for people who are suffering around the world, for their enemies, for people to see love, to see light. They pray for peace in the world. They ask God to stop the pain, the fighting and the suffering every morning. And they go on to do this 4 more times a day, something us non-Muslim people then criticise them for.




They give Zakat every year, this means they give charity to those less fortunate than themselves. They also give extra charity at the two Eids and they are supported in giving as much as they can afford each and every pay to people who are needy. THIS is worth celebrating.


islamic relief

I believe in the power of prayer, and the power of heightened vibrations. I believe that what happens when this many people put their minds together for something, is that thing manifests as true. And I believe that if we could get past the segregation of Muslims from ‘others’ we would find people who are truly capable of real love and peace.

The struggles going on in the Middle East are because there has been a breeding ground of hatred and intolerance. People who feel like they are disrespected and not tolerated for something they see as their absolute truth find themselves lashing out and using violence to get their point across. There is more to it than that, I am well aware.


So stand with me and celebrate LOVE. Love and compassion, acceptance and kindness are a HUGE part of Islam. They are a HUGE part of Christianity. They are HUGE part of Buddhism. On and on we go. They are are HUGE part of what I would love to see in the world.




Let us unite against hate and show that love and acceptance are the way forward from here. This means that even when it is scary, and even when it feels like it might hurt to do so, we need to choose LOVE.


With all the love and light in the world to those who are suffering and need it today

Leanne x

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4 thoughts on “The beauty of Islam…

  1. I am so happy you wrote this. I was just in Malaysia for a few days, where we go about 4 times a years. Several of my close friends are Muslim, and here in Thailand we have many Muslim neighbors in our community. They are beautiful, peaceful people.

    1. Hi Elizabeth – I agree with you! They really are so peace loving and kind people. It must be so frustrating to them to feel they constantly need to defend their beliefs and religion. I am so glad to hear you have had this experience as well!

      Biggest love x

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