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Right now, I am human.
Some days I want to go home….to that place I come from…of love. Truth. Acceptance.
Humaning is hard. And heavy. Our energy knows light, love, open, expansive space.
Humaning requires our energy to become dense, solid, and yes this is powerful, and magical, but it is hard some days.


We are choosing pain, anguish and negative emotions. We choose to come here to experience what it is to feel…and sometimes it would be so much easier to not feel. To stop the pain. To go back to the love.

But I am here for a reason, it’s not time to go home yet, and lately I have been sobbing for a place I know only in my heart as my home, unsure where that is or what it means, but knowing it’s not time to go there yet.

And from all this has come some form of clarity, that we honestly do create the life we are ready to live. We create our experiences and we make life happen.

So why are we choosing the struggle?

Yes we are here to experience all of the range of emotions and feelings that we can, as humans, experience. But we are dulling our energy down by constantly choosing to experience the pain. It’s up to us to change this, it’s up to you to make your life better.

No one is coming to save you.

We need to find our alignments. You need to find what is honest and true for you! Living in that alignment brings flow and ease into your life, it takes away the struggle.

I  also realised, thanks to something a beautiful and wise friend said to me yesterday, that when we try and prove something to other people, we step out of our truth and power and into theirs. We give up what we stand for and the unique light and message we carry here on earth. We give that up and we step into their message and light, if they are even honouring theirs. And what happens then?

let go of the shore

We can’t be who we need to be to continue on our path. Because we have stepped off it. And then we are out of alignment…we start acting in a way that isn’t true to us, we stop validating ourselves and start needing others to validate us. We cling, we love zombie and we stop self-loving.

Always, the Universe gives us chances to course correct….to bring ourselves back into alignment. Every time we don’t, we stray further, we push more and more struggle into our lives. Some people like the struggle, they are addicted to it, or so it seems. Others don’t know that simply by choosing differently we can step out of struggle and into flow. It’s not always easy, in fact sometimes, it will feel like the hardest decision you have ever made, but you will feel the pull over and over and when you finally do it, you will feel the weight release from your shoulders.

In the course of this, you may lose people. It might be hard, in fact, you may lose people you think you can’t live without. You might lose people who you are ready to let go of, but you will start to find YOUR people when you step back onto you path and live in alignment. I need to also say, we can live without anyone. As long as we have ourselves. I mean really truly, love and honour yourself. Be there for you. Have your own back. If you wouldn’t let your best friend take it, don’t take it for yourself. Ever.


Now take time to sit in stillness and as the beautiful Lauren from Inner Hue taught me, ask the Universe/God/your Guides “what is the next step”. Feel into your heart and let the answer come. Listen, really listen and take this step. You can do it. Do you know how I know? Because if I can, anyone can…

I believe in you.

Leanne x
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