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{ritual} Take Time to Make Tea

The smallest things are rituals, and can make magic in your day.

One of my favourites is making tea.

I drink quite a bit of tea, but most of it is easy and quick to make, boil the kettle, chuck in a teabag and get the tea and back to work as quickly as possible.

But today I took the time to slow it down a little.

I got out my teapot. I got out some decedent loose leaf tea. And I made tea for my soul.

My soul is craving it. My soul needs some loving at the moment.


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And while the tea was seeping and spreading its lovely colours through the water, I realised something quite profound :

I am relying on other people to nourish my soul, I am expecting them to take care of my self-love, self-care and at the moment, I am needing people to validate me. Rather, I need to be giving all of this to myself. This is why I feel so scattered and so confused.

As I poured my tea I said to myself ‘I am in charge of my life. I choose to be happy. With this tea I feed my body, my mind and my soul with my love for myself.’

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As I picked up my teacup I said to myself ‘As this tea warms my hands through the cup, so too does this tea warm and open my heart. With love and acceptance for myself I choose joy.’

As I drank the tea, I said to myself ‘As this tea enters my body, I ground down into the Earth we are blessed to walk upon. I ask the Earth to support me as I nurture myself back up.’


I then went and sat outside in the sun. It wasn’t a lot and it didn’t take long, but it began a nourishing process I hadn’t realised how much I needed.  My heart chakra is open and ready to receive again, I am growing, I am transitioning, and I am going to love myself through it. When we close off our heart chakras we don’t protect ourselves, we trap our love and stop it from getting out there. When we aren’t loving, we aren’t able to receive love either.

IMG_0943 copy


Is there a ritual you do that nourishes your soul?

Is there something you can do for yourself today to say ‘I am loved, I am okay’?

Sending all the love and white light to you

Leanne x

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