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New Moon in Cancer {Family Roots}

We have a solid reset New Moon on Thursday at 11.24 (AEST) and you can use her to really bring about a change in your thought patterns and the way you function in situations.

cancer moon

As we know Cancer is all about family, but we have to remember that family means so many different things to different people, and Cancerians are the first to see that. While they can also be quite traditional, they also see and acknowledge the differences in others, honouring those differences, probably before they themselves will.

For this New Moon another part of the Cancer traits are being triggered. In fact, there is a lot being triggered right now. This moon is pushing us into our ancestry, into what has gone before. Normally, I don’t look back into my past. I see our energetic makeup as quite able to wash away the past, IF we don’t need to learn a lesson from it.

But this is different, it is a very good time to honour those who have walked before us and the lives we have lived before. In honouring them, we can also let go of anything we no longer need to hold on to from their past.

Cancer traditionally rules the fourth house on the zodiac wheel and this is the house of past, family, home, upbringing, karmic baggage and emotions. This house speaks to the soul of a Cancerian. This is the house of the maternal line, where the tenth house speaks to the paternal line. This moon is triggering these issues, and especially your mothers lineage and what has been left for you here.

The Moon is the ruler of Cancer and so this moon has a little more depth to it, she is in her element here, she is happy, content, at home. A good place for a ritual today would be somewhere you feel at home, comfortable, as Cancer’s love being at home, they are also in their element there.

You may FEEL everything today, as most Cancers do, they are the sign of emotions, not just theirs, but other people’s as well. Today you may find that you can sense what others are feeling more than normal, go with it. But own your feelings above any others. This is YOUR reset. What are ready to be done with?

Your soul knows what is heavy. Your soul can feel what you need to do away with. Is your ego going to let it go? Be ready to see what your ancestors have left for you, good and bad. Take what you wish and leave the rest, after all, we are a sum of our circumstances as much as anything else.

Have fun with this. Talk to your ancestors. Tell them what you need, ask them for support, tell them what you want to let go of. They are here to help us move through these karmic lessons, and we can use this time to help us do it with ease.

So much love to you

Leanne x

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