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Three months ago, if someone had asked me to give them 5 words to describe me, I would never have added artist or even astrologer (although this one may have been more likely thank artist) to the list.


And yet here I am drawing birth chart mandalas, giving birth chart readings and intuitive guidance readings and truly living a dream I thought was impossible.


(HUGE shout out to the Universe for making this happen for me! Ha! These are the kinds of things that come to us when we are open, and we surrender, and we accept the Divine Wisdom and Guidance.)


Labels are amazing things. By sheer definition we, as humans, label everything. We label people, we label situations, we label places. And we use these labels to make judgement on whether we approve, disapprove or somewhere in the middle.


Even for a person who chooses to live a life as free from judgement as I can, I still label things. It is a part of understanding the world we live in, and I know I can use these labels to explain a situation, place or thing to others without extravagant wordy sentences.


But labels can also be very very dangerous. And I would argue that labels we put on ourselves are the most dangerous of all.


I am overweight.


I am kindhearted.


I am a pushover.


I am driven.


I am hyperactive.


I am a mother.


I am a lawyer.


I am a bitch.


And thats without even looking at the I am NOT or I CAN’T labels.


I can’t sing.


I am not an artist.


I can’t dance, draw, play piano.


I can’t do Taekwondo.


I am not a good cook.


These labels are limiting parts of our souls, parts of us, because society said at some point that we didn’t do these things to the level that it expects to be ‘good at it.’


I call bullshit on this. Absolute bullshit.


We can all sing. Not in tune maybe, but we don’t have to be on stage to use our voice.


We can all draw. Only you might know what it is, but does that matter?


We can all dance. Again, you don’t have to join the Royal Australian Ballet Company to move your body and feel your feminine (or masculine) sides. Just use your lounge room.


And I can’t imagine what would have happened when I opened myself to the Universe half way through last year and with my heart freshly ripped open, I said: “I need something more. I ask you to help me see why I am here, what I can do to serve this world. Where are my gifts that I can use to serve? Give me something, anything I can use.” What would have happened if then, when these gifts came down to me, ‘draw a mandala’ had I said ‘I don’t draw’ and shut that door back in the Universe’s face?


What about when someone asked me a question about their moon or rising sign, what if I had have said ‘I am not an astrologer’ and walked away from the conversation, instead of telling them what I knew, which I actually thought wasn’t a lot at the time?


When we ask the Universe/God for guidance, when we open ourselves up and start manifesting these lives we know we deserve, we can’t then use labels we have placed on ourselves because of a society that only sees certain aspects of beauty to control the guidance we get.


You will know if something isn’t your truth. You will know if your guidance is truly Divine, or whether you are grasping at straws. If you are in doubt, I would suggest sitting in meditation and holding the answer you think you received in your heart. Feel it. Let it simmer. If it is truly guidance it will feel amazing in there. Yes there may be a little fear. Yes it may feel too big and too scary, but if it feels right. TRY IT!


Let go of the labels, honour the WHOLE of you. Accept you aren’t amazing at everything you touch, but you CAN do it if you want to.


Biggest love


Leanne x

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