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E X P L O R E ~ the sessions

Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light. – Brene Brown

I am ready to travel…travel the inner and outer realms of what is dying underneath my skin to be heard, and felt and lived, and acknowledged.

explore and love

To do this, I am going to make intentional decisions to go with the energy flowing in the Universe at that time and invite exploration and growth of mySoul at all times this year. Even when it might be hard, even when it might be scary.

This isn’t ‘I am going to push myself this year ~ no, no, no ~ this is ‘I am going to flow into every crevice and corner of mySoul that needs to be seen, be heard, be honoured. Through flow and kindness, love and acceptance, I am going to feel what is right for me this year.’

There is always a heads up about what is coming, through the ancient art astrology we can access the energy of above, and as always, this energy flows down here on our beautiful planet as it does up there in the heavens. This is ours for the taking! Using and working with this energy in bring about change is what it means to be awake…


And the Moon. Our great big guiding Crone in the sky, as we go about our little lives here on Earth, she moves our waters, she heals and she helps us shed, I will be exploring that more this year too.

So step with me, brave explorerHearts as we move into the year that some astrologers are labelling as a ‘difficult’ year. Let us bring this energy intentionally into our lives, our Souls, and with wonder and abandonment allow ourselves the luxury of flowing through with ease and purpose to create and explore all our little nuances.

Check in tomorrow for the beginning of the astrology updates and how I am going to be using them to create Magic in my life! Check out Facebook for the short story, and Insta for some extra fun through art, and tarot that help me ground and understand.

So much love

Leanne x

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