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Dreamy Pisces New Moon to end the Astrological year


Hurrah! The year is almost over …. again!


The astrological year goes from 21 March to 20 March each year as we move from Pisces into the firey Aries. And this year we have a magical New Moon on 20 March with a full solar eclipse in the last degree of Pisces, right before the Sun moves into Aries.





What this means for us magic makers is we have energy to play with and support us in taking the step through the door into being reborn. A new life awaits you, what are you ready to let go of? Now the easiest way to feel into this is to meditate through it and let your soul speak to you, another way is to look at your chart (if you have it) and see where you have the last degree in Pisces. For me this is my 2nd house, the house of value, self-worth, self-esteem, money, possessions, and earning potential….gee I wonder what is coming up for me at the moment.


So I am ready to let go of my issues around self-worth and self-love. They aren’t serving me anymore and its time to make a new paradigm in my life that allows my thought processes to support my actions and bring me the life I know I deserve.


The solar eclipse means we can close this door forever, and we can come through reborn and ready to take on the New World (not straight away ~ the lessons will be happening through until April 8 with the Lunar eclipse). In fact, buckle up because it means we are going to be swept away from those doors that we ourselves chose to close (without even knowing it maybe?) and we are moving into new and amazing territory.


If you are setting an intention this New Moon (which I recommend you do ~ its so magical), think about the themes of Pisces and Aries to help you get a grounding.




The energy of Pisces is a dreamy, spiritual energy that brings our consciousness higher into the Divine. She is a water sign and therefore we are in the realm of deep emotions, which some of you may feel very uncomfortable with, but I ask you to sit with these feelings and let them be. There is a mystical energy to Pisces, she isn’t a deep, intense, moody feeler like a Cancer is, she feels with the Divine in her.

We are shifting to a new energy within moments of the moon being New. We are shifting to the Fire sign of Aries and the beginning of our zodiac. So we can also use this energy to help with our magic this month too. The energy here is of enterprise and enthusiasm, daring and spontaneous energy, which is perfect energy for launching something new under the new moon.


Take the time to honour where you have come from, how far you have come, what you have achieved, and how you are becoming more authentically YOU. Because that is where we are heading ~ to a world where being who we really are is encouraged, supported and accepted. There won’t be a normal anymore.


Step out of the box now. Even the sky isn’t the limit anymore….there are no limits. We can all reach whatever it is we desire and need. While the talk of this astrology has been scary, yucky, closing things for ever, end of days type of messages, I don’t agree. I feel like this energy is an opportunity. Yes it has been intense and heavy going for some of us (me included), but we always have a choice. And we can choose to let it get to us, or we can choose to use it and make magic in our lives.


1919 eclipse

Full Solar Eclipse 1919

This energy is ending a cycle, but there is ALWAYS a beginning when there is an ending. Cycles are a part of life on earth, the seasons, the tides, the moon. None of us is safe from these cycles. How we choose to celebrate them, love them and honour them is the difference between being stuck in a rut, and moving through like magic. Don’t be afraid of pain, it can help us manifest truth into our lives better than most other feelings, the intensity of the feeling is part of where we get the source of our magic.


Breathe through this time and honour yourself. If you are feeling yucky, you know self-care is always important. This isn’t the time to be letting yourself go, honour YOU. Be authentic with everyone, but especially YOU. There is no one in the world who needs you like YOU need you.


SO much love


Leanne x




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