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{Dark Moon}

We are now in the phase of the dark moon, for me, a time of addressing my shadows and my darkness. Its inside all of us.
One big theme of July is self imposed limits. Pluto is a big player this month, as is Mars.
July is not a month of action, but of clearing and preparing for action in August. Sit tight, start to declutter. What doesn’t feel right or rubs and causes friction in your life, begin to loosen the grip and get ready to let it go.


What is happening is that we are seeing, really clearly seeing the parts that are rubbing us the wrong way and although its frustrating, we are in between here, not ready for the action, but feeling the friction.

Be an observer, let it sit and let it burn. Decide whether the burn is worth it. Let the friction help you see what isn’t working, observe the areas that feel heavy in your life. Look at where your energy is heavy and not light, airy and productive.

Use this to begin to feel into how you want your life to be in that area. Let the burn make you dream of something better. August will be the time to begin action in that area, but we can’t change what we don’t know we want to change.

Don’t run from the frictions, sit with them and see what you want to fix and start to see that problem as fixed, in the way you want it to be fixed.

The Dark Moon is a place where we can feel into our depths, let this be a time of truth, ready for the New Moon and your intentions in the coming week. A New Moon in Cancer is going to bring home the fact that we are, in fact, given free will for a reason. We are in charge of creating the life we want…

But more of that later.

So much love and white light to you

Leanne x
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