Cultivating Kindness – 30 Acts of Random Kindness


I think our society sees kindness as a submissive action rather than an action of empowerment.


But in every single case I can think of, when kindness has been shown, it has not only empowered the receiver of the kindness but also the giver.


Part of the purpose of this blog is to cultivate kindness…in every area I can.


Kindness  –noun 

1.  the state or quality of being kind.

2.  a kind act: his many kindnesses to me.

3.  kind behaviour: I will never forget your kindness.

4.  friendly feeling, or liking.


Spring starts tomorrow. As if anyone needs reminding, because I am sure you, like me, have been counting down the days. Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal and blossoming.


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetPhotographer: Lisa Humphries
Spring noun

40.  the season of the year between winter and summer; in the Southern Hemisphere, usually understood to include September, October, and November.

(Yes there are more than 40 meanings to the word Spring – some of them are verbs)


So to celebrate Spring’s blossoming as well as the blossoming of this wonderful corner of the web I call mine, for the month of September I am going to do one random act of kindness every single day. I feel like its time to start walking the walk, rather than just talking the talk.


What can I do to make a difference to someone around me right now? 


Please pop any ideas you might have for me in the comments, all suggestions are welcome.




Anyone who would like to join along is more than welcome!! You don’t have to blog about it, feel free to instagram or Facebook your random acts of kindness. Follow along using the hashtag #30actsofkindness or #thebeautyofgrey. Upload any photos to our Facebook page and join in the love! You don’t have to do 30 acts either. One is awesome…two even better, you get the drift! Lets just get out there and spread the love!


Who’s with me? We ride tomorrow!


Much love xo

Parenting through Intuition not Repetition.

As our world moves towards a huge shift in perception and spirituality, we must take ourselves one step further and look at how we are parenting our children.


I am learning to trust my intuition. I am learning that we are actually friends and at the end of the day, she never leads me astray. My intuition may not tell me to do what I perceive to be the ‘right’ thing to do, or the most appropriate (which often actually just equates to the easiest) but she always nudges me in the direction that is the best for my soul.


And why else are we here?


We aren’t here to live someone else’s passion. We aren’t here to live true to someone else’s soul.


We are here to learn and live in our passion and truth, and our intuition is our Souls voice to us, guiding us to the right path.


From there it has become apparent to me that we are teaching our children the same way we were taught, they go to school and they learn their abc’s and their numbers and they learn to ONLY apply logical materialistic knowledge about the world. But, logical and materialistic knowledge is oftentimes just a façade.


Almost everything a society has believed at some time has gone out of fashion (for many reasons – a king didn’t want it anymore, the scientists disproved it, people stopped believing in it) and this makes me think that it is very likely our consciousness will advance even further soon, rendering at least some of what we know or think to be true as invalid. My great grandchildren may well consider the fact that we all sat in a classroom from the age of 5 and learnt at an age specific rate to be ridiculous.




Please don’t take the wrong tone from this post – I believe VERY strongly in education for every child in the world. I would love to see a world where children across the world could go to school safely, and learn to read and write from a young age. I would love to see every child learn to play an instrument. Every child to get a background in science, math, history and geography. Learn about other cultures, languages, religions.


But what we really need to teach these kids is to question everything they learn.


Not in a paraniod, they’re all out to get me….kind of way. But in a does this really fit with what I know to be true kind of way.


Teach them how to tap into their intuition and use it to guide them through their lives.


I love the sciences, I did Physics and Chemistry for my HSC. (Chemistry was the only subject I actually studied for in my HSC – please don’t tell my kids that). And I understand that to teach a classroom of children, we need to give them the basics and not let them question ‘everything’ that comes before them. But actually we do. We need to encourage questioning, because that is how breakthroughs are made.


Einstein did NOT just accept what he was told to be true. He went out there and he listened to his gut and he found shit out! He had breakthroughs.




I believe it is the job of the parents to encourage their children to listen to what their ‘gut’ is telling them is right or wrong. However, we need to have a good sense of our own intuition to do this, because their intuition might go against our logical, materialistic decision making processes.


What if my teenager came home and said they wanted to study a subject I felt was a ‘throw away’ subject and that their gut was telling them to? What if my 6 year old tells me that their intuition is telling them not to go to school today?


It is so new to me and with a mum who is learning to listen to her own intuition, how do I trust that of my children as well? But I must. Because if their mum doesn’t, they won’t. And I know I can give them a head start with this, they don’t have to be mid thirties to learn how their energy works, how their Soul communicates with their body.


And its baby steps really, we are using it for little things and growing our intuitive muscles together. Which avocado to buy….which book do I need to read right now from the library…even – what to have for dinner for my body to heal from this cold. And I am so pleased to say 9/10 they are making a decision that my intuition is cheering with! (Hotdogs for dinner didn’t win!)


I feel that we can help them become people who have a very strong sense of self through this because it takes away the need for external validation for their decisions. It takes away the need to justify their decisions and it encourages them to be active participants in their lives, not just a product of what they have been told to do. By giving them the framework of boundaries I feel is important for them to have (which they will eventually have to redefine for themselves anyway) I know I am allowing them to really become the people they already are. I am waking them up and discouraging them from becoming part of the masses of people who haven’t awoken yet.


This has also led me to acknowledge that their journey is just that – THEIR journey. Not mine. I am here as a guide, a friend, a support and in some cases a teacher. I am here to keep them safe until they show me they can keep themselves safe. But ultimately it is their journey and I feel incredibly blessed to be part of it with them. But that is a post for another day.



Are you parenting with intuition? How do you teach your kids to listen to their gut?


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The 40 Hour Famine

It was a rainy Sunday morning. We were relaxed and calm. However, there was a heaviness in the air, an anticipation was wafting through the house.


Suddenly, at around 11 am the clouds began to part. The rain was gone, and over the next hour the house spirits slowly lifted to the point that at 11.59am the excitement was palpable.


The seconds ticked by.










And then it was 12.00pm.


The 40 hour famine was done for another year.


There may have been feasting. Kids jumping on lounges and relaxing on chairs. Singing the praises of their beds.


And in those moments we gave thanks for the fact that although we had just gone 40 hours without something, at the end, that something was there again. There was food to be eaten. And beds to be slept in.


But for many people in our world there isn’t enough food. Parents who can’t give their children dinner tonight. Children who go to sleep on a dirt floor with a blanket. Just $40 can feed a family of 6 for a month (I am still wondering what we are doing wrong – it costs us a lot more than that!)



This is Promesse – click on the picture to check out his story

Thank you to all those who helped by donating through us for this 40 hour famine. It is so appreciated. We smashed our goal and raised $421 this year. Next years goal = $500. We can do it! I may even give up my phone….ha!


If you would still like to donate, you can by clicking this link. Alternatively, check out my Take Action Today page at the top of this page.



 This is Chantelle – click the picture to learn her story

I promise not every post will be begging for donations! It just happened that way this time.


Much love Leanne xo


PS ~ A word about Wordless Wednesday ~ I did this on my previous website and I loved it! I have decided to photograph one thing every week that I am grateful for and post it on Wednesday, letting it speak for itself! Look out for that tomorrow.

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the Beauty of Grey

I can hear you asking what the colour grey has to do with humanity? With cultures? With love, and peace, and connection?


The inspiration behind the name of this website came from a Live song. And funnily enough, it’s called The Beauty of Grey. It is a really amazing song, one that I listened to over and over in my college years. Everyone has a song like that. Right?


“It’s not a
Black and white world
To be alive, I say
The colours must swirl.
And I believe, that maybe today.
We will all get to
The Beauty of Grey.”


And what I take from that is that the beauty of life really lies in the grey areas. That black and white are areas that we all want to live in because they are secure, they are safe, we know them. But they are a facade.

They aren’t real.

They are created.

By our society. By our egos. To make us feel safe and secure. This us and them culture. It is used in politics. Religion. It is used in private vs public schooling. It is used in bottle fed vs breast fed, not to mention working parents vs stay at home parents. It is used with vegan vs paleo. We use this divide to justify our own existences, through judgement, comparison and attachment.


But really, we are all one.


Walking a journey similar but never the same.

We don’t need these labels. We don’t need this us and them culture.

There is no-one in this world more deserving of safety, love and kindness than another.


When we swirl the black and white, when we LOVE on other cultures, when we rise above our own fear and live in love we can see that the real beauty is in the shades of grey. In acceptance. In HUMANITY.


I believe that part of the reason we separate ourselves from other cultures is that we don’t understand them. So I want to learn more about them.


And so this blog was born.


“The perception that divides you from him
Is a lie
For some reason you never asked why
This is not a black and white world
You can’t afford to believe in your side”


{In focus} World Humanitarian Day


Img credit: European Commission DG


What an amazing day to launch my website! A special day where we say thank you to all those people who are out there helping those less fortunate. People who put their money where their mouth is. People who care so much, they are willing to, oftentimes, risk their lives to make a difference in this world.


What a wonderful gift these people are.


Happy World Humanitarian Day 2014.             whd-2013


What is World Humanitarian Day?

World Humanitarian Day is a day to recognise all those who face danger and adversity in order to help others all over our world. The day was designated by the General Assembly specifically to coincide with the anniversary of the 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq.


What can I do to spread the message?

Jump onto your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and let the world know that you support the effort these people are making. Use #worldhumanitarianday #theworldneedsmore to connect with other people who want to make a difference.


Some Humanitarian Facts – Syria

Syria has been in an horrific civil war for over 3 years now :: their people are fleeing or dying.


At last count 10.8 million people (half the population) are in need of some humanitarian support or help.


9 million people have left their homes, fleeing to neighbouring countries and within Syria.


2.6 million people have fled to neighbouring countries, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon.


Refugee camps have become makeshift cities, the refugee camp at Zaatari in Jordan is now considered to be Jordan’s 4th largest city.


Tens of thousands of people are denied basic medical care every day.


South Sudan

The UN estimates approximately 1.9 million people have had to relocate due to bombing raids in South Sudan.

4 million people are facing a shortage of food, as South Kordofan is Sudan’s biggest production areas for sorghum, a staple food for many people. 


80% of displaced people are woman and children.


What can we do?

Obviously donating our time is very hard to do when we are living across the ocean from  these problems. But that also doesn’t mean we need to bury our heads in the sand!


hands heart


If you would like to donate to help either of these causes, or, any other humanitarian efforts please see my Take Action Today page above.


Head over to the World Humanitarian Day website and sign up to keep up to date with the amazing people around the world who are making a difference very single day.


For donations to the United Nations Central Emergency Relief Fund please follow this link.


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