#30actsofkindness – Day 11


My random act of kindness today was a small thing.


Just a small little thing.


But I know it will make a little difference to someone’s day…


I put $20 in a library book with a note that told them to enjoy a coffee on me.


(and I forgot to get a photo – I was being stealth)


Not a big thing, but I know it would be awesome to find it!


Much love


Leanne xo
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{Introducing} Spirit Sister Sessions


It has taken a really long time for me to realise the power of a tribe. I have amazing and beautiful friends. Girls I connect with and love, and they all have a different part of my personality that shines when I am with them.


But then there are those Spirit Sisters who get all of me. Accept, love, cherish all of me. They see my bad bits and love them as much as they love my good bits. As I have undergone my journey to my Spirit I have realised that we are all looking for our tribe. People we connect with, who ‘get us’. Understands you, and when they don’t, they want to.




The tribe is different for everyone, and we have different people who ‘get’ different bits of us. But what is truth is that our tribe is essential in our lives. Once we start to shift our energy and become who we really are, we start to attract people who are in line with our energy.


Someone special once asked me ‘who is on your bus?’ Who is it that you open the gate for from the front paddock to the house yard of you heart house?


I want to live a life where I give a little bit of my love and kindness to every single person I meet. I honestly believe this is achievable, and not only that, it is my best way of living. When I am living like this, I am in the flow, my energy is high and I feel my life through my heart space and not think it through my mind. But there is a cut off. Not everyone gets to come and play in the house yard.


My kids are there, running in and out of the gate through to other paddocks and back (there are many). Mr Sensible (my husband) is there with his warm smile and his loving, supportive, safe place to land arms. My mum and dad, and of course my loud, obnoxious brother.



And these girls.


These girls INSPIRE me every time I see them. Every time I talk to them I walk away feeling fresh, feeling love, being love. There is something special about each of these relationships that makes me crave their conversation and opinions. It makes me want them in my life. It makes me LOVE them. Some have been around a long time, some are new. They are all an inspiration to me.


Here they are.


Lozza :: One of my girlfriends from my college days. Oh the fun we had. (And the drinking….oh the drinking!). To this day she inspires, motivates and challenges me in everything we talk about. Every conversation makes me think and usually laugh. We are going to change the world, even if we do it rolling on the floor laughing, while being politically incorrect and drinking green smoothies and eating pumpkin soup! She is ah-maz-ing!


Amanda :: This one is relatively new. But she is so obviously my Spirit Sister because she got the singing voice I know I should have had. My musical career would be going wild if I had her singing voice. But the thing that inspires me the most about this one is her true ‘voice’. Her drive and passion to help everyone she meets live in their truth and passion. She is exceptional. Also she is my mirror. We have done pretty much the same shit at the same times in our lives. (Except she can sing – did I mention that?)


Nessa :: From my Narrandera days. We met when we were fat and pregnant with our first babies. This one has held me so tight when I wouldn’t have even wanted to hold myself. She has seen my shadows and she has loved me more because of them. She has stood by me, walked with me while I said ‘I am stronger than this and I am better than this’ and even when I didn’t believe it, she did. I am so grateful to have this girl in my life, I can’t even begin to explain. There is nothing she doesn’t know about me and I, her. Every. Single. Time. I talk to her I feel loved, held, supported and healed. She just knows me, oh and we share a birthday as well, which is incredibly special. She also loves Eric. That in itself makes her invaluable.


Kelly :: Oh my girl. We have been through so much since we met in Year 7. There is something so special about a beautiful friend who went through your ‘formative’ years with you (and didn’t record ANY of it) and knows you so well that a single Pin has her reaching for her phone to call you, and of course, she was right. We have moved away from each other on occasion but always bounce back to each other. We don’t see each other enough (which is probably good for our livers!) We also share a love of wine. A big love of wine…and we drink too much of it when we are together – it works!


Chris :: We met online. No really, we did. In a forum (I know, the scandal). Turns out she really was a mum having her fourth child and not a serial killer. And now we both have 4 kids (each) and that means we have to be best friends forever. Like Ness she has met my demons and faced them front on and said ‘You have no power – I love you anyway’, even when I didn’t love myself. She is my rock, she grounds and anchors me. I can tell her anything and know I won’t be judged, I am loved and I am safe. Oh and we have the complete opposite taste in men, which works well. I am team Damon, she is team Stefan. I am team Leo, she was team Thomas. Eric, Bill. It works because we never have to share. Ha!


Lucy :: She will hate that she is on this page. This one is my sarcastic, cynical, amazing and beautiful bestie. She doesn’t like fuss and she keeps me on my toes. Nobody is actually sure if she likes me or not. But due to the fact that she invited me to the Apple Store tomorrow, I am guessing she really does, deep down. But there probably isn’t anyone in the world who can make me laugh like Lucy can. She can always make me laugh, even when I don’t want to. Our things are vampires, Mr Grey and reading. We read a lot of stuff together, then we talk about it for HOURS. Everyone else gets bored but seriously, thats not our problem. She also loves Eric, and Bill. And Travis!


I am not sure why I felt called to introduce my Spirit Sisters to you, but I think its because if we are going to be in the same tribe you should have some idea who these girls are. Get ready to be challenged, inspired and changed by the conversations we have. I am. Everytime.


These girls rock my world.



Who are your Spirit Sisters? Tell me about them? Jump back over to Facebook and tag them in the comments…share the love and let them know you love them!


Leanne xo



Photo credits to Pinterest.

#30actsofkindness – Day 9


It must be the week for having wonderful friends ask me to help them. And I love it.


Yesterday my biggest boy went to a Science and Engineering Day, they got home later than normal and because of this I had the opportunity to help out 2 friends by taking home their kids.


I have to say that we are surrounded by such beautiful children. My kids are so lucky to have friends and kids around them that are mature, kind, loving and special. I love it!


This was my car on the way home from school yesterday….lucky its a big one!




How has this full moon treated you? I have been downloading inspiration left right and centre. Last night I had my full moon dream night, where I released a HEAP of stuff. I also got to toss and turn and think and try and sleep and turn some more. Ha! I love full moons, sometimes!!


So in my inspiration I am sensing some new stuff here and some big new exciting stuff in my life…its very cool and very overdue!


Much love xo

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#30actsofkindness – Day 8


Today I got to help out a very special friend by having her daughter come over and play for the afternoon!


The kids thought it was fantastic that she got to come in our car and have afternoon tea with us as well. They were so stoked!


The full moon is filling me full of energy and yet all my plans seem to be zapping it from me at the same time…


I hope the SuperMoon treated you well and we all have nice happy dreams and sleep a full night tonight (yes full moons contribute to not sleeping)…


Much love


Leanne xo



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#30actsofkindness – Day 6 & 7


I found this weekend be harder to find an act of kindness I wanted to blog about.


Maybe because I made the decision that my random acts had to be above and beyond what I would normally do for someone in any given day?


Maybe because the weekends make me selfish?


Maybe because I am busier on the weekend?


What I have found out in the last week is that people find it hard to accept kindness from people they know. They become suspicious and they think you want something back.


Strangers on the other hand, well they just think you are being kind.


Which made me think ‘have I been living a life where I am kind because I expect something in return?’ I don’t think I have. However, I am going to make the decision right now to always be kind. To always choose kindness and love.




And actively






do so without expecting ANYTHING back from anyone.


This weekend I did lots of little random acts of kindness. Most of them I would have done anyway, but they lit up someones face when I did them and that makes me happy.


I made toast for my little friend Kiara.


I picked my daughter up and cuddled her, saying beautiful words and kissing her, just because.


I let an lady cross the carpark while I waited, even though we were running late.


I smiled at strangers and I said nice things to a couple in the supermarket.


Little things like that.


I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the daddas out there giving their all to raising their special ones.


Much love


Leanne xo

Palestine and Israel Ceasefire – what does it mean?

What great news we have had out of Gaza over the last week with an open ended cease fire being agreed to by both sides. And it seems to be holding!


But what does it mean?


“We are all aware that this is an opportunity, not a certainty,” said U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. “We have been down this road before and we are all aware of the challenges ahead.”


This is an opportunity for both sides to take stock and rebuild what has been lost. However, nothing can bring back the 2,100 Palestinians who have been killed and the 70 Israelis who also lost their lives. Not to mention the other effects of this war which have been disastrous. Gaza is in tatters, at least 475,000 people are displaced and the UN estimates at least 100,000 people have lost their homes.


The conflict is quite simple to understand, both sides feel they are in the right. Neither are anymore. What really needs to happen is both sides need to not shoot at the other. Palestine needs to be identified as its own nation, Israel needs to back down and let them be their own nation. Palestine then needs to take it seriously and stop firing missiles into Israel, which Israel then needs to stop retaliating to.


It is very similar to a teenager proving to its parents that they are responsible enough to not drink at that party. (The parent in this scenario is the rest of the world – not just Israel). But then, if they were treated like a responsible nation, would they have any reason to attack Israel?


A lot of the images that have come from this war are horrendous and while I think this is something we should face front on, I won’t be posting them here, but they are not hard to find. They are heartbreaking. They are real and they are raw. Those bodies are someone’s children, brothers, sisters, etc. They are people. And it breaks my heart that they had to suffer like that. It breaks my heart that any of these people, especially children, are suffering like this.



“Israel-Palestine conflict deaths per month” by Vox Media Inc.


The Ceasefire.


The open ended cease fire is based upon the following requirements:

* HAMAS stops firing missiles into Israel

* Israel stops bombing Palestine.

* Israel opens the borders to allow flow of essential items, humanitarian aid and building materials into Palestine. Mind you – not all borders are going to be opened and Palestinians are still trapped in Palestine.

* Palestinian fishing boats are allowed 6 miles out to sea to fish, doubling the previous 3 miles. (This has caused overfishing of the waters within the 3 mile radius)


To be discussed in one month

* A seaport for Palestine

* An airport for Palestine in the Gaza strip

* A permanent peace solution.


So why are the still fighting each other?


There is clear frustration on the side of the Palestinians who are kept almost as prisoners in their country. They can only use certain roads, they are subject to road check points, and some times air check points. Their borders are randomly closed off meaning they can’t get supplies in or out of their country. As we saw above, even their fishing industry is controlled to 3 miles from shore.


On Israel’s side they claim to be protecting themselves from a terrorist organisation, which if true is a legitimate security fear for them. HAMAs missiles aren’t effective weapons, but it is clear that any country would not be happy with missiles being fired into civilian areas. Palestine is split into two areas, the Gaza strip and the West Bank, this means that it could easily be a security threat to Israel on more than one front.



What would be incredible for everyone involved is if both sides committed to peace talks with true intention. A ceasefire is amazing and the time they can now take to recalibrate and heal is much needed. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We need leaders on both sides who can see that violence and hate only breeds more violence and hate. Hopefully, this time, peace talks can lead somewhere. To a free Palestine. To a State of Israel who are no longer under attack. Here’s to less violence and more acceptance, tolerance and compassion.


Peace and love. x
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#30actsofkindness – Day 4


Today my act of kindness was simple, but it was probably the one that has had the best response so far.


I called my dad to say ‘I love you’.


I don’t do it often enough. And he was so happy to talk to me and so happy I called.




Our families need random acts of kindness too, not just strangers.


Often we put our smiles on for the rest of the world and then we come home and feel like we are burnt out from being someone ‘else’ all day. And when this happens it is our families that suffer.


They get the cranky mumma who just wants to sit down with a cuppa for 10 minutes. Or a wine. Watch her favourite tv show, in peace without any interruptions. We forget to call our mum and dad because we are so busy living. But when we stop for a second and we think ‘how would I feel if it was my kids and me?’ its pretty clear that making the effort is important.


Being present.


In our lives.


Not numbing out.


Making our sure our lives are the kind of lives that don’t need numbing out from.


We are responsible for that. We can’t be so busy we forget to live. So busy we forget that the important things in our lives are connection and communication, with the right people. To be loved and to love these people.


LOVE. It always comes back to love.


Every little communication is special. Every connection, every word, every smile, every little bit of love. Even simply sending loving energy their way is special. I am so blessed to have my mum and dad with me here to be able to talk to. I won’t be taking that for granted ever again.


Have you done an act of kindness today? Jump on over to Instagram and put up a photo with #30actsofkindness to connect!


Leanne xo

Indigenous Literacy Day {+ #30actsofkindness}


Welcome to Indigenous Literacy Day



Photo: The Indigenous Literacy Foundation


Today is Indigenous Literacy Day, an issue very close to my heart. Imagine not being able to read this website. Facebook, Twitter, the news. How would that feel? Being able to read is something most Australian’s take for granted, but for many, reading would be a luxury.


I believe in education for all children, all people around the world. I believe education – like health care and water – should be free for ALL global citizens.




Photo: The Indigenous Literacy Foundation

One clear stat shows that between 40% and 60% of Indigenous children in very remote locations across WA, SA and NT are achieving below minimum standard in Reading in Year 3. This is certainly something as a nation we cannot ignore.”


We have these tests (NAPLAN) that everyone likes to complain about. I don’t get why really, its just a test, and when kept in context it can be empowering, rather than a reason to hate on a school. And these tests are yelling at us to reach out and make a difference to Indigenous children who seriously need our help.


They are in the same country as us. They are in the same education system as us. Yet they are struggling to learn the same way we are. Why? (Please understand I am not blaming anyone here – I am just asking – WHY?) What can we do to make this better for them? How can we help them learn? Maybe our ways, and our system aren’t exactly right for these kids?


The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) was founded by Suzy Wilson and set up by members of the Australian Book Industry in 2005 with the core aim of drawing upon the skills and expertise of the Australian book industry to address literacy levels in remote Indigenous communities.”




Photo: The Indigenous Literacy Foundation


Readers are made on the laps of their parents, but the reality is for many of these kids, their parents can’t help them. We can!


What I love about this foundation is that it comes from the Australian Book Industry itself. They don’t receive any funding from the government or major corporations and is dedicated to delivering books and other literacy resources to remote Indigenous communities in SA, NT and WA.


So far in 2014 they have raised $405,000 and donated 120,000 books to 230 remote communities. What a huge effort! If you would like to donate, or check out their website jump on over to The Indigenous Literacy Foundation website.


#3oactsofkindness – Day 3


Today was kind of a mixed bag of random acts of kindness.


I didn’t have one planned and was hoping something would come up during the day. And as it always happens a few different things came up.


As well as my idea for tomorrow!


There is no photo of an act today though because it would have been a little strange to take a photo of a lady who had dropped her money all over the ground. And it would have been really strange to take a photo of the carpark I didn’t take so the car behind me could take it.


So I am taking a photo of my smile! Because I smiled at lots of people today too. Strangers and friends alike. Everyone loves a smile!




Much love to everyone x



#30actsofkindness – Day 2


I like to think of myself as quite a nice person. A kind, caring, friendly person.


My workmates must see me differently. Because I made muffins for them today and they all got suspicious straight away.


“Why would you do that?”, “What do you want?” and my favourite “Did you put arsenic in them?”



muffins day 2


Are they cynical or what? They also didn’t believe I was capable of a random act of kindness. Ha! Watch this space for 30 acts of kindness.


It has made me think about the reaction they have had to it. We don’t know how to react to someone doing something kind for us. We assume they have an ulterior motive, or they are sucking up. Yes I am doing a challenge, and so really, I HAD to think of something to do today anyway, but…it is something that I wanted to do to make my workmates have a nicer day.


My instant reaction was “Fine, thats the last time I do something nice for you lot.” But that isn’t living in love is it? It is living in fear and reacting to what I assumed was rejection for my kind act. But at the end of the day, the more kindness I spread, the easier it will be received, and that can’t be a bad thing in this world.


And I am not spreading kindness to receive accolades either, so as long as I show up with real, true kindness, my part has been played. It is up to the others how they choose to receive it.



And although I can’t eat the muffins, I saw a couple of them go back for seconds so they can’t have been that bad….


Leanne xo



#30actsofkindness – Day 1


Today I had the most amazing day!


Firstly Mother Nature was as excited about Spring as I was and turned it on for us. The weather was amazing!! I got to go for a walk on the beach with one of my spirit sisters, Amanda. She is so inspiring, and lifts my vibrations high every time I see her. It is incredible, we are like walking talking mirrors of each other in so many ways.


After our walk we had a quick bite to eat before we went on to our next appointments and I got to do my first Random Act of Kindness.


I bought her lunch.


Amanda Day 1



And it was amazingly delicious. Well, mine was!


I have spent the day in the company of 4 completely inspiring and beautiful women, all of whom I am so grateful to have in my life.


About a month ago I prayed to receive more mutual friendships in my life. And the Universe has delivered. Friendships that I already had have been reinvigorated and strengthened while new, amazing, special and creative friendships have entered my life. What a blessing!


I feel like I am really starting to find my tribe, and the thing that really gets me is that a lot of these women were already in my life. I just wasn’t open to receiving the love and grace they show me. I was blocking it, because I wasn’t showing myself the love and grace I deserve.


Here’s to an amazing Spring full of love, grace, kindness and awesome friendships!

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