The Super New Moon in Aquarius at 0 Degrees




There is a Super New Moon in Aquarius at 0 Degrees tonight….or actually tomorrow morning at 12.14am (Sydney time).


Dark moons are periods of shadow work for me normally. But this one, while introspective in nature, has not had the traditional dip into my shadow psyche that I normally experience.


What does all this mean?


The super moon means the moon is closer than normal to the earth. Some say this gives the moon extra power at this time. Some say it means nothing other than the moon is bigger. My take on it is this : if the moon controls our energy the way she controls the tides of the vast oceans, and a super moon means king tides, I am going to go with a super moon having a little more sway over my energy than a normal moon.


Having said that, when we set an intention with the new moon, which I do, I don’t believe a super moon will give this intention any stronger power than I can give it. I mean it is an INTENTION, so realistically, the power lies in our energy being put into the intention.


But there is also the side of As above, So below. As without, So within. And I believe in that too.


So make what you will from that.


Aquarius ~ ah, the freedom, the connection, we are all one, we are all the same.


Are you setting an intention tonight? An intention that will take you through the month and help the universe deliver the magic you want to invite in? I am. I love intentions. I love words, they are magical creatures, weaving through our lives. Words are my signs. Gabby Bernstein has owls. I have certain words. And they always, always talk to me. I am keeping my intention to myself this month. There is magic in keeping some things sacred.


Now the 0 degrees…what’s that all about? Well 0 degrees means the beginning, the pure form of the energy. This Aquarius energy is all about freedom, philanthropy and social causes. And the fact that it is at 0 degrees gives us a strong pure fresh energy in these areas. Make your intention as though you cannot fail!


Now I have a little New Moon magic in the form of a story, from my new amazing oracle card deck Connected and Free by the beautiful Lauren over at Inner Hue. These cards are speaking to me. Its like they have been dying to get their message to me for many moons.


And the story goes a little something like this ::




“By using your chakras (and balancing and cleansing them), and your beautiful and unique energy field as well as the amazing instincts you have been given, and you have developed over these many years on the Earth, you can feel safe to tell your story, your truth, and soon, very soon, it will be time to turn up the loudspeaker. You are safe, and loved, and supported as you do so.”


With all the love and gratitude for you being here.


Leanne x

The beauty of Islam…

Recently Islam has been in the headlines because some people…I am guessing Muslim people….have used Allah and Muhammad (pbuh) when they have committed atrocious acts of cruelty and cowardice.


I have something to say about this, and it is in defence of the majority of Muslim people, so if you don’t like that stand, its probably best not to read it.


I am not Muslim, I have read the Quran, I have studied (although not intensely) the Haddiths. My beliefs are different from that of a Muslim person.


But there is something about Islam that draws me to it. The inner peace of the people who practice. The ability for them to surrender their human wants and needs to a greater love. The acknowledgment that we can do something on a global scale for those who are suffering, less fortunate. The sense of community that these people have with each other.


Yes I know what the haters say, that it is a religion of fear, and hate. That Muslims are allowed to lie to those who don’t believe, that they are asked by ‘their’ God to kill those who are disbelievers. And I would like to say, right here, I don’t buy it.


There are freaks out there, yes, there are those who want to kill, hurt, injure and torture people and they are claiming it is in the interests of Allah. But I would like to stand here today and celebrate EVERY single person who wakes up in the morning and chooses love over fear.


There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world and 99% of these people wake up (very early) and pray Fajr. In this prayer they make du’aa for people who are suffering around the world, for their enemies, for people to see love, to see light. They pray for peace in the world. They ask God to stop the pain, the fighting and the suffering every morning. And they go on to do this 4 more times a day, something us non-Muslim people then criticise them for.




They give Zakat every year, this means they give charity to those less fortunate than themselves. They also give extra charity at the two Eids and they are supported in giving as much as they can afford each and every pay to people who are needy. THIS is worth celebrating.


islamic relief

I believe in the power of prayer, and the power of heightened vibrations. I believe that what happens when this many people put their minds together for something, is that thing manifests as true. And I believe that if we could get past the segregation of Muslims from ‘others’ we would find people who are truly capable of real love and peace.

The struggles going on in the Middle East are because there has been a breeding ground of hatred and intolerance. People who feel like they are disrespected and not tolerated for something they see as their absolute truth find themselves lashing out and using violence to get their point across. There is more to it than that, I am well aware.


So stand with me and celebrate LOVE. Love and compassion, acceptance and kindness are a HUGE part of Islam. They are a HUGE part of Christianity. They are HUGE part of Buddhism. On and on we go. They are are HUGE part of what I would love to see in the world.




Let us unite against hate and show that love and acceptance are the way forward from here. This means that even when it is scary, and even when it feels like it might hurt to do so, we need to choose LOVE.


With all the love and light in the world to those who are suffering and need it today

Leanne x

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Emotional Moons…


Lets talk about emotions….


There is a full moon this afternoon…watch out for the wolves (especially Alcide – hehe).


The full moon is in the sign of Cancer.


moon drawing

I am a Cancer. You know what makes Cancer different? – we FEEL everything. Every emotion, every word, every smile, frown, forgotten text, answered email. We feel it. We also overthink, but overthinking for us is tied very strongly to our emotions…so we actually overthink what we are feeling, and what you are feeling as much as anything else.


What does this have to do with the current Lunar Energy? Cancer moons are about feeling your emotions. Full moons are about bringing to the light that which we tend to try and hide, push down, pretend isn’t there. Shadows and hidden agendas don’t stay buried for long (or without a LOT of effort) with a full moon around.


Put these two together and you suddenly get every emotion you were trying to dismiss, trying to ignore, trying to make go away, come flying out at you like a Boggart coming out of a wardrobe, straight at Professor Lupin disguised as the Moon! (See what I did there?)


Can you feel the energy around this already? I can. I have. I am. Some stuff ‘went wrong’ in my little world yesterday, and I started to spiral down the rabbit hole into some old limiting beliefs.


“I need to be validated by someone external to me”


“Their behaviour and actions are a direct result of me not being ‘good enough’/me being bad/me not being worthy.”


“I am not worthy of so and so’s friendship”


“I am not contributing to my family”


“I am not enough.”




Stop Right There. Yes, my mean girl got all up in my face and from one small action that someone else made, I was thrown into a self-doubt attack that almost had me grasping for air. She was relentless – although throughout only whispering – she did not pause to take a breath. (I coped by going to the beach with amazing friends and watching a lot of Downton Abbey.)


And this morning I realised, I can change the way I relate to these feelings inside me. The feelings are real, they are not created by this energy, they are something I need to feel. But this has nothing to do with the other person, and everything to do with ME. And what needs to shift and change in MY reality to help me grow that little bit more.


This energy is here for a reason, it is here to help me. It isn’t trying to hurt me, these limiting beliefs are there because my mean girl wants to protect me. When I fly high, she gets scared of falling, so she figures, lets stay low, its less of a fall.


Your messages are going to be different, and come in all shapes and sizes. You may not be able to see through it properly, you might not be able to make yourself see what is happening. But I promise you this – if you let yourself feel it, and you choose to acknowledge there might be something different happening, you will put changes in motion that your soul will be jumping up and down clapping about!


So hold on tight. Be aware. Release some shit this full moon. Let yourself breath through it. Don’t resist the feelings you are feeling. Its okay to feel them, ALL of them. Even the shitty ones! They will pass and you will be okay, and by feeling them and acknowledging them, you take some of their power away.




This moon is also a BIG one in terms of what you want to invite in over the coming year. Now is my place to remind you that as you release you open room, for new, but please remember to be intentional about what you are inviting in, because without some intention, anything can come…you might just get more shit…(as my mentor likes to say.)


According to KV from Aquarius Nation, this moon is a very very powerful one. What we manage to release in this new moon will actually guide us towards the year we are going to experience. Its very much about refining, looking even into material possessions and valuables. We are moving more towards a minimalistic attitude that allows for us to refine how we want to be in the world as well. Basically, she is saying – let go of the clutter. Let go of the excess. 


So my plan – ‘if it no longer serves me, makes me happy, or makes me money, its time to go.’ And what am I inviting in? ‘I am invoking the strength to move through the energy when I feel limited. I am ready to live as the biggest, high vibe version of me that I can. I am ready to BE who I know I am.


Let me know if you are doing anything to release this full moon?


With much love


Leanne x

Releasing on New Years.





Have you felt the ritual surrounding the way you celebrate New Years Eve? I can guarantee its there….


The way you lead up to the day, the way you spend the day, the way you spend the night, the way you spend news years day.


Some of these things fall into traditions, especially if some parts haven’t changed since you were a child, for example, Christmas is at Grandmas and then you go home and spend New Years at the beach.

Our family varies who we spend New Years with most years, we change it up depending on what’s on and who is around. I have rituals that I do leading up to New Years and I have a special ritual that I do on New Year’s Day to ensure I bring all my awesome into the new year with me.


But every year I start to look at my rituals, and my magick making because, if I am honest, I really believe that stale rituals just bog us down. We are so used to doing them, that we don’t see that they aren’t manifesting anything useful in our lives anymore.
Sometimes we need to not just release the crap that we don’t want to bring forward, but also the rituals that we are using to keep us in a particular way of thinking.

Be aware of your rituals, believe me, it feels incredible when we start to make new ones that support your new way of thinking and being in this world. Listen to your intuition, it will guide it into what you are ready to walk away from and what is still serving you.


I know the beginning of a new year is when we ‘leave behind‘ all the gunk that happened in the last year, but I ask that you really acknowledge what happened…lessons will keep repeating until we learn what we need to know for our souls to develop, to grow, to gain the knowledge that they need to gain.


Pain sucks. It hurts. Really, pain is shit. But it’s also very true that pain SERVES you. It is in this servitude that graciousness and truth become apparent, and once you can see what pain served you, once you look through the hurt, the anger, the uncomfortable, the disgusting, and really acknowledge and see the grace in the lesson or truth that the pain served you, you are ready to let go.



This process takes time. It doesn’t happen the day after you get hurt. It takes your mind and soul time to process what happened, for that, you need to have stepped back, the pain needs to be subsiding, the anger melting away. Forgiveness is not often seen in the throes of a temper tantrum. It can happen but it is unlikely.

New Years is a great time for releasing all that no longer serves you.


But life, and your amazing, beautiful soul isn’t on a deadline. The other thing I have noticed this year about pain and all the ‘yucky emotions’ that associate and hang around with it, is that when you are in the throes of the pain, guilt, shame or hurt, you just want it gone. You want to ignore them. You want to breath and not have the pain feel like your lungs are burning.


Like your heart has exploded and set them on fire in your rib cage.


You don’t want to cry anymore, curled up in a ball feeling inadequate and useless and scared.


You want to feel like all these wonderful women around you feel, having picnics at the beach, releasing their shit at the full moon and just choosing to ‘let it go’ never looking back.

And I am here whispering to you that – they aren’t…they may not be in the pain you are experiencing right now, but they have been, and they got through it, and you will too. But be gentle with yourself. Breathe.


Instead of releasing “everything” this year, tonight, instead of that pressure, why don’t you add into your ritual a way of saying…

“I am healing. I allow myself the time I need to let this heal in the way that best serves me. I let go of what I am ready to let go of, but I honour my need to really feel this yucky emotion. I am ready to start to see the grace in the lessons I needed to learn from this situation. May my way forward be clear.’




It’s a big thing to allow yourself to feel an emotion we consider a shadow. But do you know that sometimes just acknowledging you feel it, without judging, and (as the amazing Susana Frioni would say) observe it with the curiosity of an objective person, find where you feel it in your body and let yourself feel it, sometimes it begins to dissipate.


It stops growing.


And also, I need to say this, if you are feeling like you know decisions and mistakes are being made and you know you are actively doing this, again be gentle with yourself. This life we are living is supposed to be felt, all of it, and I will tell you this, acknowledgement almost always leads to new decisions and shifts of your attitude towards your problems. 


Remember – the stuff we don’t like serves us as well. We can’t know bliss without knowing the pits. Hold on to that. There is always up from here. Tonight I want you to celebrate, even if it feels like you have nothing to celebrate, you do. You got here. Through all that shit, you are here, and you are growing and THAT is worth celebrating.



hands up

And if you are in a good place the New Years and ready to party, I want you to celebrate too. And don’t be afraid to experience these shadows as we move into our new year. The astrology is still bumpy so be ready for a ride.


Just hold on to the fact that we are growing and evolving and we are doing an awesome job at it!


Much love


Leanne x

The Classic End of Year Post…


At this time of year we all start to pick up as many of the manifestation booklets as we can…


I do them all


All of them


Reflect on the past year and get ready to dream your biggest dream possible for next year


And as every year, it happens that this year I feel like I am ready to commit to ME.


This year feels different though….


I have been through a lot of secret heartbreak and pain this year.


I have struggled with my Nanna’s death


I have been in situations where the Universe actively showed me what happens when you rely on other people’s boundaries instead of developing and RESPECTING your own.


I have questioned whether I was where I wanted to be in my life. Did I even want to be a mum? Do I truly want to be a lawyer?


There are questions that need to be answered, truthfully, if you want to start to get into your soul, when you want to really start to align with your purpose. These questions can be tricky and they can cause you to want to run away and hide. But this year has taught me that numbing out, running away, it just makes things worse.


And thankfully, the answers for me were, yes I want to be here, right here doing what I am doing.




(No I don’t want to be a lawyer – in case you were wondering)


But it was time for me to step up and start walking my talk. And so the Universe stepped in and ended some things that will ensure my growth continues to develop over the next year and beyond. It is a little scary and a lot exciting.


I no longer have a job that I can rely on to supplement us financially, my children are changing schools, I know I am not going to be pursing a career as a lawyer, I am releasing so much, detoxing my life…




From the release comes space….space for new. Space for whatever is supposed to come to me.


And that is scary too. But its even more exciting. It makes me shiver with nerves. And shake with anticipation. I am ready for this year of new, fun and exciting. 


I am starting to feel into what it is I am meant to be doing. It was vague, but it is coming together….slowly!


I have become quite well acquainted with my shadows this year too, but that is another (and ongoing) post.


I have begun a process of learning about Islam this year, as well as many other religions and beliefs, and this has unlocked my spirituality and beliefs in a way I didn’t think possible.


I have made a huge decision to dedicate the next couple of years to learning. As much as possible. I am sure that this is what my life on earth (this time?) is about. Learning….but also feeling, being and doing.


My resolution for 2014 was simple :: Have Less. Do More. Be More.


have less


I did, I did, I did. It was written for me, in some ways, that this was a special year of falling in love with myself again.


It was a big year. And one I will forever look back on as a turning point in my life. The year I realised WHO was in charge of my life. The year I realised WHAT I wanted in my life. The year I set my boundaries and the year I realised the freedom that comes in living and respecting those boundaries every day.


I am still working on my words for 2015. I am still undecided if I will have a resolution. It will come to me.


So for now I say fare ye well to 2014.




And welcome 2015 – I am so excited and grateful for what you will bring me.


Much love


Leanne x


What is a ritual?


What does a ritual mean?


What does a ritual do?


Ritual is a way for our souls to speak to us. They are soothing and special. They bring us closer to God or to your soul, or to the Universe…. They help us feel. They make us feel significant. They make us feel grounded.


Everyone has rituals.


I’m not talking about routines, although they may be similar or part of a routine.


Our souls need ritual. They crave it. They make it up, even when they don’t get it.


In the past women had rituals. We believed in and worshipped the cycles of life. We built our rituals around this.




We had religion, there are rituals in religion. Prayer, worship, Church, Masjid.


Our society is increasingly becoming atheist, or not as religious. I have no judgement to place in that, and this post isn’t one to incite religion vs atheism. All I will say is that there are less ritualistic properties of being an atheist.




Our souls still desire and crave ritual. So they make them up.


That cup of coffee you make a certain way and then stand and stir in the morning while you watch the kids eat breakfast? Yep.


The bath you run on a Friday night while reading a book….Yep.




The wine you pour as you sit when the kids are in bed? Uh-huh.


Some of our rituals aren’t healthy for us. They also can become habits. But when you need to change a habit that is a ritual as well, it can be mighty hard.


So replace your ritual.


What is your soul actually asking for? Is it desiring to be closer to God? Set a ritual that involves a prayer of thanks when you make your breakfast.


Are you feeling the need to release? Set a ritual that empties you of old patterns when you let the bath water out.


Ritual isn’t pagan, it doesn’t have to be spiritual at all, although you will find that when you start to ask your soul what it desires you may find a new connection that has been burning to be heard.


A really easy way to start to fall in alignment with your rituals is to observe yourself throughout the day. Keep an eye out for when you do something and you get a feeling of calm, peace or surrender come over you. That first sip of coke at morning tea? That tingle down your spine…that, look for that.




When you notice them, you find your rituals. Are you happy with the rituals your soul has set for you? If not, think about ways you would like to change them.


Meditate on it. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes then gently ask your soul ‘are there any rituals you would like me to introduce?’ Listen. In stillness. Observe what comes up. You will have thoughts, this isn’t a completely thoughtless meditation. Observe where your thoughts go. If you feel you are straying from the question, gently ask it again and bring yourself back to it.


Journal your thoughts, memories, images. You may not get anything in the first few goes of this. But it will come and you start to feel what you need to do. The more aligned you are with your soul, the more the rituals can soothe you, can bring healing, release, motivation, grounding, whatever you are craving. Whatever you are needing in that moment.




Let me know your rituals. I am always interested in how other souls express themselves. And let me know if you feel you need change your rituals too…


Much love


Leanne x
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I won a Leibster Award!!!


I, my wonderful friends, have been rather slack of late, but I am working hard behind the scenes to bring some awesome things to this space.


In the mean time ::



I have been awarded a Leibster Award!!


Liebster means ‘dearest’ in German and it’s an award given to bloggers by other bloggers.


My love goes to Kirstie over at Project Joy for nominating me. I am feeling all warm and fuzzy from the nice things she said about my blog. Go check hers out…its beautiful!


Its now my job to answer the 10 questions Kirstie has asked me and then I nominate other bloggers and give them 10 questions to answer.


The Liebster rules for sharing the love:

  • Link back and recognise the blogger who nominated me.
  • Answer 10 questions given by the nominator.
  • Nominate some inspirational bloggers for the award.
  • Create 10 questions for nominees to answer.
  • Notify my nominees.


Here are my answers to the questions Kirstie asked me ::


1. Why did you start blogging?


The Beauty of Grey is my second blog, my first was more of a documentary style about being a stay at home mum on a pretty tight budget.


This one is about my message. It is about my truth. It is about getting that message out to the world and finding people who get it. I really believe we are all given a reason to be here, we have a passion, which in the right circumstances, turns into our truth and then our passion.


This year has been a huge one for me, as we all know and I decided that it was time to stop playing small to keep other people happy and speak my truth loud and clear!


2. What do your family/friends think about your blog?


They don’t say much actually, I know most of them read it, but there hasn’t been many comments made. I have some friends who absolutely adore it and some who probably think I am mad, but that’s okay. Everyone has a different message and different truth. We can still be friends!

3. What’s the best book you’ve read recently?


Fiction – I am reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldan. It is awesome!


Non-fiction – Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch has changed my life. I am now reading Women who Run with the Wolves and that is also excellent.


4. When was the last time you had a good belly laugh, and what caused it?


Last week I went down to Lockhart to help my girlfriend after she had some surgery, and although she ‘couldn’t’ laugh – we still did. Gosh she makes me laugh.


5. What would you say is your best quality?


My compassion and kindness. But I used to seriously see them as a weakness. I thought it was a bad thing to see the good in every situation, and every person.


My absolute wish for this world is that people could look past their own insecurities, demons and fears to see the amazing gift we have in diversity. Diversity of culture, of personalities, of beliefs, of decisions. Australia is a great example of this, we have so many cultures to take the good from and learn from.


6. What’s a pet peeve of yours?


Intolerance is a huge peeve of mine. It just needs to stop. Walk in their shoes. Try and understand it from their point of view. They may not be right. You may not be right. But just open your mind to a different way, it will change your life.


My kids being loud at the dinner table is another (I know – petty). Bath time, making lunches are also pet peeves, but well we do them anyway!


7. What was your favourite class to take in High School?


Oh I loved high school! I am such a nerd. I honestly didn’t hate any of the subjects I did. My favourites would have to be English, Chemistry, History, Art and Physics.


8. If there was to be a movie made about your life, who would play you and why?


Awesome question! Okay – well – hmmm not sure! Okay, I would go with Emma Watson. Just because I absolutely love her and that clearly means she was meant to play me.


9. What is your favourite word in the world and why?




Because it is uniting. There is no person in this world that it doesn’t include. Every other label excludes someone in the world. And at the end of the day we are all the same. We all want love, security, safety.

(and kindness)


10. What do you want to be when you “grow up”?


I still don’t know, I vary between working for UNICEF helping obtain basic human rights, helping women from domestic violence and/or crap decisions to become empowered again and working with refugees in Australia and around the world to empower themselves and take back their lives.


It’s still undecided, so I leave it in the hands of the universe.


Now the fun stuff! I get to nominate some beautiful bloggers that I love to answer my questions…


LandKind – Abbagail

Inner Hue – Lauren

Ros Scott Mackenzie – Ros

Zion Health and Wellbeing – Amanda

Nourish from the Inside Out – Jane

Falling Feathers Wild & Free – Lyndsey



And the questions I have for these girls are ::



1. What drew you to blogging?

2. What led you to see your truth?

3. What are you working on right now that is inspiring your passion?

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

5. What is your ideal day?

6. What is your favourite movie?

7. What is your favourite quote?

8. Name one thing we can do right now that can begin to heal our world?

9. What does kindness mean to you?

10. How do you live your truth everyday?


Please take the time to jump over to these beautiful girls’ websites. I adore each and every one of them for many different reasons!


Much love


Leanne x
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Basic Bitch…


I have found this to be the hardest post I have ever written.


Because I feel like I am judging people for judging people. And I dislike judgement intensely.


Hands up if you were bullied? Hands up if you did the bullying? Hands up if you stood by and watched it?

hands up

I was never really bullied (there were girls at school who didn’t like me, and it was generally mutual) but really I was lucky enough to escape that particular torment. I never bullied either (that I remember), but I saw it. And I sat back and watched.


The greatest acts of bullying occur when the crowd is indifferent and doesn’t use its voice to say ‘NO – this is not okay.’


And I am done with that.


There are young (and probably older) women in the world who don’t know who they are yet. They are struggling to find out what they stand for and who they want to be. They are told to be this, you should look like that. Don’t be this, make sure you are that.


How are we EVER supposed to find our truth and who we are with all this screaming around us? How can we connect with ourselves when even our most basic likes and dislikes are suddenly a new reason for society and corporations to label us, market to us and control us?


What these articles are saying is that I am a ‘basic bitch.’


Basic = Dumb; slow; of lowest rank.
Bitch = a female dog; a malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman; a lewd woman.




Because I like pumpkin spiced chai latte?


Sorry? Why are we even engaging with this?


There is nothing wrong with liking ugg boots. There is nothing wrong with liking clothes from Big W. There is nothing wrong with not liking those things.


But there is something wrong with making someone feel they are a less of a person because they do. (or don’t.)


And I know that this has come from women. I know that women are making a point, they are probably proud to be called a ‘basic bitch’. Much like I am happy to be known as an anti-corporation, hippy, world peace loving, gyspy soul.


But the problem, I feel, lies in the undercurrents and undertones of the words used to describe this new ‘type’ of woman. These words are not uplifting. They do not invoke a sense of love and acceptance. They bring with them the age old lower class protecting itself by adopting the same language used to repress and oppress them. Making it their own.


And also, why should we have to? Some of the things on the lists I don’t like, some I do. Other women would like different things, others would dislike different things. Most women would like something on the lists, and some would not like anything on the lists.




Why are we being reduced to discussing our likes and dislikes as though it is the only thing about us that matters? Oh thats right, because they don’t want us talking about the things that do.


I like what I like. I don’t care anymore whether those things are popular or not. (Actually I never really did). I like Kylie Minogue and always have, if I could admit that in the 90’s, there was never any hope for me.


But what I ask is that we stop allowing this to happen. We women are 50% of the population and  do you know how they have controlled us for so long?


Divide and conquer.






So WE need to stop this. From within. Stop the comparison, stop letting them get into our heads and hearts this way. What would it look like if we started looking at every other woman from a place of love?








Who you are is okay. Whoever and whatever you are and do is okay. We are women. We are all human. Regardless of our likes or dislikes, religions, personalities, mistakes, successes, political affiliations, socio-ecomonic level – we are all okay.


Own yourself.


But for the love of humanity, PLEASE, do it with pride and love.


Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset


Much love


Leanne x
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The Refining of my Truth


So much has been happening in my little mind/heart/soul over this delicious week away.


Big changing decisions have been brewing and I can feel them below my skin…swirling…ready to make themselves known.


Being in a different place and having time has been inspiring.


Time with my babies


Time with my husband


Time with me


We are planning our Gyspy Wandering trip around Australia for next year.


beach coffs


I was planning what I want to do when I grow up.


And now I know.


For the next phase of my life I want to be a spiritual/life guide. (I know its not big news to anyone who knows me because I have discussed this before)


But then yesterday I had the HUGEST of constrictions.


I stopped believing I could
I stopped believing I should


I was coming from a place of lack. And not a place of gratitude, nor of abundance.


(My Spirit Sister may have called me and slapped me through the phone to get me out of this)


And I realised the only thing getting in my own way, is me.


Amanda said to me :: “This isn’t about you anymore. This message is bigger than you. By not doing this, you aren’t just hurting yourself, you are stopping the message you were meant to share with the world from getting there. You are standing in the way of the Universe.”


And so I accept that I have my truth and it needs to be told.




Under the full moon energy on Wednesday night this is what came to me :: This world will heal. We can do it. The women of the world must stand together – all races, cultures, religions and nationalities – stand together and say – we want it this way.


And it will happen.


Much love


Leanne x



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Let it Flow


I am sitting in a tent on holidays, watching my babies ride their bikes up and down, down and up.


I had grand plans for this week away.


Get up at dawn and walk down to the beach, do yoga, meditate, surf, then back for breakfast.




Really refine your message, go within and start to get really REAL about what you want to do.


Use the Full Moon Eclipse in Aries to dig deep and release old shit some more. Push through this transition period you are coming into and keep the momentum up.


The first morning I woke at 6 and it was already light. I was going to get up and go and do my ‘routine’ at the beach.


But my heart said ‘stop’. My Soul said ‘sleep’.


So I did. I rolled over and went back to sleep. I did the same thing this morning, and I didn’t come out of the tent until 8.30. It felt amazing.


I have only just started listening to my body and soul the way we are so good at listening to our mind. I am so glad I did listen over the last two days.


Already my ego has had its little say about this. ‘You aren’t going to get to the bottom of stuff if you don’t do the work’ and ‘there is no way you are going to be able to change the world if you are sleeping all day’ (yes she really said that).


But in reality, there has still been time for meditation, yoga and surfing (although if the surf gods wanted to send some better waves our way, that would be cool too!) Sometimes I think we get so caught up in what we ‘should’ be doing, even when we are in the space of knowing that the best way is to let it just flow.




So my new motto for this week is – let it flow. Life is about rhythms. And cycles. It waxes and wanes. It is up and down. And it is exactly how it should be.


I feel that I am channeling all that is good about the Mercury Retrograde. (Yes I know – we went on a holiday while it was happening – but it is also a perfect week to be cutting communication with our reality world too) As pointed out by Sara over at TheSpaceInBetween Mercury Rx can be a blessing.


It is a time to review, restore and relax! A time to re-evaluate, reconnect, refocus and RELEASE.


That is the energy I am tapping into this week. Yes I could do the hard work and get out there and push myself through this transformation that I am feeling. I could push into my core and make it harder for myself. Or I could surrender into the energy that is floating about me and making itself known to me as we speak.


My breakthroughs will happen as and when they are meant to. I am open to them, I am ready for them and I am not resisting them, therefore, they will come.


The eclipse moon has a strong energy to it as well, BUT we can float through this and reconnect with our true selves as the transformation happens. Its all about energy, trust and release.


I have a lot I need to release. I have a lot I need to repair inside. This takes processing time. Acknowledging this and working with the energy means it is less abrasive. It moves more freely. It FLOWS.


So I say embrace this energy, this amazing, strong, intense and fresh energy of the full moon eclipse bringing excitement and new ideas, and yet at the same time flow with the restoration energy coming from Mercury Rx.


candles book


In English – don’t always feel like you need to push yourself to your limit to achieve and to grow. Growth is going to happen, its part of life, it is part of our cycle. If like me, you can feel the growth, transformation, transition energy playing around near you and starting to swell behind you ready for you to surf to shore, take a moment to breath before you jump. Take a moment to really release all you need to so when that energy takes you, you can move forward with the best chance of surfing that wave all the way to the shore.


Much love


Leanne x