Sagittarius Full Moon…Lets Get Real

The thing about the beautiful shiny Full Moon, is that she sheds this amazing soft glow over our whole inner world.

She brings to the surface things we would rather keep hidden.

She lets us see our shadows, without fear.


And in doing so, she brings us to our knees in awe of her acceptance of our truth, she does not judge us.

Maybe it is because her light is so subtle, gentle and kind, that we can use her to see our truth without letting the blinding light of the sun hurt us.

This month we have a Full Moon shining in Sagittarius, the seeker of truth. Fake and false do not stand up to this moon, what a beautiful time to release all that isn’t real from your world. This is the perfect time to ask for support in seeing through the fake, seeing through the false, into the reality. The truth is where you want to be, even if it hurts to acknowledge it.

sagittariussq copy

We have Mars at play in Gemini, we have Mercury Retrograding through Gemini, and we have the Sun making his way through Gemini as well. That is a LOT of air energy. So please be careful of any major decisions you are making suddenly, be careful of acting on sudden information, for the next week or so, just give things time to settle before acting.

We also have a huge number of aspects going on with Neptune in this Full Moon. Neptune is the planet of dreams, fantasies, the higher realms. But she is also the planet of addiction, stalking and obsession. Try and vibe as high as you can during this period. DREAM BIG. Let your mind wander to the highest version of yourself you can imagine. To the highest part of you there is. Let yourself fantasise about the world you want the Universe to help you create. Hold these fantasies close. Write them out to visit later if things are feeling low. Draw them. Paint them. But don’t get caught up in the ‘how do I get them.’ The Universe will work that out for you.


This month the newsletter ritual will be slightly different to allow for the magic we can create using Neptune, the Sagittarius Full Moon and the intellect of Gemini. Its amazing!

SO much love to you all

Leanne x

The Rise of the Feminine.



It is precious, and amazing. And once we connect with these sisters of our soul we are forever changed. Our desire to be connected is satisfied. Our fear of not being ‘the same’ is relieved. We are at home, with our tribe, we are seen, held, known and heard.

These friendships are one of the most amazing things to come from the rise of the feminine which is sweeping the globe at an extreme rate. We are holding up a mirror to society and declaring that we will no longer play the game of divide and conquer. We can support each other, we can see through our jealousy, we can rise above our comparisons. And we will love each other to new heights because this is what sisters do for each other.

I am watching these friendships grow and develop all around me, as well as within me. As we talk about how amazing women are, our strength, our Goddess status. We look to overthrow this patriarch, we are going to change the world. We are making sure we can finally rise to the heights women have always been destined to occupy.



But does this mean we need to diminish and destroy men and the masculine to get there?

This world is made up of men and women, and each have such a varying degree of feminine and masculine that the boundaries as we used to know them are pretty much irrelevant. And it is because of this that I say, a woman standing in her true femininity, can match and compliment her partners masculine, without the need to feel threatened by it.

The world works in poles. There is dichotomy in all. The Feminine truly needs the Masculine to be able to express herself fully, and in reverse, the Masculine needs the Feminine to truly express himself. I am not just speaking in reference to relationships here, I am also talking about the Feminine and Masculine within each individual person as well.

Before we run off into the sunset with our sisters and change the world with flowers in our hair (I know, how good does this sound?), or leave our partners on the couch while we smudge ourselves with sage at our best girlfriends house while reading tarot and then when they ask how it was, say ‘you wouldn’t understand’, we need to stop and ask something.

What do we gain by leaving the men behind?

I honestly believe we need to bring them with us. No, my husband is also not interested in reading tarot cards or smudging, but he is interested in talking to me about the ways we can help this world to vibrate higher. He is interested in helping change the world by raising boys who respect woman as equal in rights, in responsibility and in love. He does want to bring a society of respect to all humans. And when we sit together and talk about these things, even when we lovingly disagree about the ways these things can be achieved, I feel my power strengthened in his power.

“In fact, my soul and yours are the same. You appear in me, I appear in you. We hide in each other.” – Rumi

In empowering men, we empower the world. In empowering women we empower the world. There has been just as much damage done to the raw Masculine in these gender biases we have grown up with as to women. Men need to understand that to stand in their power honestly, they are holding space for women to stand in theirs. There doesn’t need to be power plays, these don’t happen when someone owns their power truly.

feminine sacred

So before we dismiss men and the patriarch too much, lets look forward to a world where men and women stand in their power and can compliment each other, respect each other and honour each other.

Now what can we do to make that happen?

So much love and gratitude to you

Leanne x

How do we work with this intense energy?


The last two weeks ~ continuing through until April 8, is intense and life changing energy. We have been through so much over the last 2 years but we are almost there. April will bring a lightening of the energy as the two heavy duty planets, Uranus and Pluto, move out of their exact square for the last time and we have all the planets come into more subdued and positive energy.


blood moon


But until then, this energy is amazing for transformation, and like it or lump it, if you are an Aries, Libran, Cancer or Capricorn, there are transformations happening right now. So why fight it?


Using this energy you can bring active and amazing transformation to your life. But to do this, you have to SURRENDER. You have to let go and it is also a good idea to please keep yourself grounded and protect your energy. Anything could be coming up for you, it could be finances, trust in yourself, boundaries, looking after others before yourself, Self-Esteem, the disintegration of relationships that are no longer serving you, or even big sudden moves of your home or business.


It is going to be intense and sometimes it is going to suck. It might help to hold the thought that this is all going to get better really soon now. April 8 is the final showdown and then we really will feel a lifting and a lightening. Until then look for those moments of clarity where things will suddenly just come to you. After every breakdown can be a breakthrough, and the best thing you can do is reach for this, be patient and know it really is coming. Let go of what needs to go, let go, let go, let go!


The most important thing is to make self care a priority and try not to LET YOURSELF get frazzled. If you do ~ retreat, come home, go back to centre, and re ground. Let go of expectations outside of your control, keep your business and energy in yourself, your lessons and your truth. It might also be a really good idea to make space in your life. Actively letting go of possessions, moving around and clearing out the energy in your home, or even just sweeping your floor or cleaning out a drawer will let the Universe know you are clear and open for the breakthrough.



Breathe through it guys, this pressure really will lift soon and we are going to have an incredible April. Within months we will have moved on and this will feel like a vague memory. Keep meditating, get outside into nature, have salt baths, be creative. Stay grounded and in the present moment, when the future seems scary, and the memories of the past are bringing up issues you would rather leave in 2012, look to the lesson, but bring yourself back to the present moment as quickly as you can.


We are almost there.


So much love to you


Leanne x

The Autumnal Equinox

wheel of life1

One of the hardest parts of Earth magic in the Southern Hemisphere is that most texts and rituals are written in relation to the Northern Hemisphere, and as we know, the seasons are the opposite ‘down here’.


This is no reason not to honour our Magical Earth though, as she gives us life, she brings us contentment and she holds us and supports us (literally) daily. And right now she is coming into her season of maturing and allowing what is no longer needed to slip away. What a beautiful tie in to the eclipses we are moving through at the moment ~ as above so below.


Mabon was named in the 1970’s and the traditional name for this change of season is not known. I use both Autumnal Equinox and Mabon to explain this equinox, and you can use either or both as well.



Traditionally this is the Harvest Equinox, as this is when the crops are ending for the Winter and we are bringing them in. It falls around Thanksgiving in the USA each year, so that gives you an idea of the kind of ritual we are looking at. The traditional celebration is a feast, a bringing together of all your family and friends and feeding each other in gratitude for what the Earth has delivered for us over this Summertime. For those of us not actually on the land, this can still be done.



Hosting a feast and talking to your families about the magic that is made when we honour the abundance we are given from the Earth is a very important part of this Equinox.



Also think about what you could do to give back to the Earth in the way of a harvest, how can you choose to help the Earth co-create your abundance? Plant some herbs in pots on a verandah, or start a vegetable garden, or even get some chickens. What ever you can do, by purposefully providing for yourself in this way, you are bringing in the energy of being ready to co-create and this is magical!


The Autumnal Equinox is also traditionally celebrated as the time between light and dark, as we move from Summer to Winter and therefore calls upon the shadow aspects of ourselves, which we must acknowledge and love ourselves through, even as we chose paths that allow us to rise above the archetype of the Dark Mother.




Whatever you choose to do today, remember to bless and thank the Earth for her kindness over the Summer and make a small offering to her (water on a plant is perfect).


May you have a blessed Autumn gorgeous ones


Leanne x

Dreamy Pisces New Moon to end the Astrological year


Hurrah! The year is almost over …. again!


The astrological year goes from 21 March to 20 March each year as we move from Pisces into the firey Aries. And this year we have a magical New Moon on 20 March with a full solar eclipse in the last degree of Pisces, right before the Sun moves into Aries.





What this means for us magic makers is we have energy to play with and support us in taking the step through the door into being reborn. A new life awaits you, what are you ready to let go of? Now the easiest way to feel into this is to meditate through it and let your soul speak to you, another way is to look at your chart (if you have it) and see where you have the last degree in Pisces. For me this is my 2nd house, the house of value, self-worth, self-esteem, money, possessions, and earning potential….gee I wonder what is coming up for me at the moment.


So I am ready to let go of my issues around self-worth and self-love. They aren’t serving me anymore and its time to make a new paradigm in my life that allows my thought processes to support my actions and bring me the life I know I deserve.


The solar eclipse means we can close this door forever, and we can come through reborn and ready to take on the New World (not straight away ~ the lessons will be happening through until April 8 with the Lunar eclipse). In fact, buckle up because it means we are going to be swept away from those doors that we ourselves chose to close (without even knowing it maybe?) and we are moving into new and amazing territory.


If you are setting an intention this New Moon (which I recommend you do ~ its so magical), think about the themes of Pisces and Aries to help you get a grounding.




The energy of Pisces is a dreamy, spiritual energy that brings our consciousness higher into the Divine. She is a water sign and therefore we are in the realm of deep emotions, which some of you may feel very uncomfortable with, but I ask you to sit with these feelings and let them be. There is a mystical energy to Pisces, she isn’t a deep, intense, moody feeler like a Cancer is, she feels with the Divine in her.

We are shifting to a new energy within moments of the moon being New. We are shifting to the Fire sign of Aries and the beginning of our zodiac. So we can also use this energy to help with our magic this month too. The energy here is of enterprise and enthusiasm, daring and spontaneous energy, which is perfect energy for launching something new under the new moon.


Take the time to honour where you have come from, how far you have come, what you have achieved, and how you are becoming more authentically YOU. Because that is where we are heading ~ to a world where being who we really are is encouraged, supported and accepted. There won’t be a normal anymore.


Step out of the box now. Even the sky isn’t the limit anymore….there are no limits. We can all reach whatever it is we desire and need. While the talk of this astrology has been scary, yucky, closing things for ever, end of days type of messages, I don’t agree. I feel like this energy is an opportunity. Yes it has been intense and heavy going for some of us (me included), but we always have a choice. And we can choose to let it get to us, or we can choose to use it and make magic in our lives.


1919 eclipse

Full Solar Eclipse 1919

This energy is ending a cycle, but there is ALWAYS a beginning when there is an ending. Cycles are a part of life on earth, the seasons, the tides, the moon. None of us is safe from these cycles. How we choose to celebrate them, love them and honour them is the difference between being stuck in a rut, and moving through like magic. Don’t be afraid of pain, it can help us manifest truth into our lives better than most other feelings, the intensity of the feeling is part of where we get the source of our magic.


Breathe through this time and honour yourself. If you are feeling yucky, you know self-care is always important. This isn’t the time to be letting yourself go, honour YOU. Be authentic with everyone, but especially YOU. There is no one in the world who needs you like YOU need you.


SO much love


Leanne x




Elder Women





These four beautiful sisters have been photographed together every year since 1975. The photo’s show them age with grace and dignity, and to be honest I am in love with the later photos of them as they grow into their wisdom and kindness seeps into the wrinkles around their eyes.


Growing old isn’t something to be ashamed of, our society needs to learn to celebrate it. We live in a society where women are taken off the television screens after they turn 30 because they are no longer attractive enough for the general public.


Because of this general attitude to women ageing, we have only a few role models in the areas we are accustomed to looking (media, movies, television) and even our own mothers and grandmothers act as though it is a disability and therefore, hide it.


Growing old is a benefit denied to many, and it is time to embrace this with open arms and with grace. In many cultures elder women are respected and there is a deep appreciation for what they have learnt and what they can teach the younger women, but also the rest of their society. And in cultures where this isn’t happening, it needs to begin.


Women are such an undervalued resource of this world. We are untapped and even in our current state, we can bring so much more to the world. Our elder women are not given enough air time and its time we took their stories, lessons and lives to heart.




The voice of the young is incredibly important, they are the ones who will action change and often have the radical ideas to bring us into the new times, they have the energy, they aren’t cynical and world weary yet. But the elders, they are the ones who can show us moderation, and teach us from their mistakes, sometimes, the best way forward.


It is respect for all opinions that is important. It is seeing the value and the wisdom in the elder woman, and not hiding her behind a closed door because she is no longer sexy, or attractive. We say we want to be heard because of our voices, and not our bodies, so shouldn’t we give this gift to those who came before us too?


I used to want my grandmother to tell me all her stories, until I got to an age when I was too busy being young to take any notice, but over the last 10 years of my life or so I went back to her, I wanted to know. What was it like during the war? How did women support each other when you were younger? She has now passed on and the stories have stopped, and I miss her (just saying because I can). And now my mum is our matriarch and her stories are relevant (they were before too).




We don’t have to agree with their opinions, we don’t have to want the life they lived. We are allowed to choose differently to them, but to hear and honour them, to watch them and hold space for them, we are holding space for our generation to teach our children how to grow old with grace and dignity. There is so much value in our elder women.


So reach out to those women in your family that you feel called to. Or even not women in your family, but a lady on your street. A neighbor, and friends mother, your childrens friends mother… its time to make these connections again.


Ageing is special, and we must support ourselves through it; let’s honour it, let’s honour women. Let’s hear our stories.




All photo credits to Nicholas Nixon. Original article here at The New York Times.


Biggest love


Leanne x
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Virgo Full Moon





Right now we are in some really heavy duty astrology, for many people we are looking at life changing and vibration lifting energy that has been ongoing from 2012 (possibly 2008). Look back to how much your life has changed over this time, I bet you even deal with things differently to how you did pre-2012.


And we are right smack bang in the final show down between the Uranus and Pluto square at the moment. (The final square is exact 17 March)
So…all this is also playing a part in the energy floating around the Full Moon which is happening tomorrow morning at 5.05 am (Sydney time) or 4.05 am (Brisbane time).




With the moon in Virgo this energy is about inner work, there are going to be deep emotions coming up, with the moon touching Lilith (our dark moon) and trine to Pluto, it is activating the Uranus/Pluto square as well. Big deep emotions could come up. And the best way to deal right now, honestly, is to take a leaf out of Virgo’s book and ground down into the Earth and breath through the emotions, like a breeze through the trees, and Pisces book and feel the emotions as they arise and let the currents wash them away as they ebb and flow.


There is an undercurrent of nurturing, deep running feminine energy as well, and if we can tap into that we can get through this unscathed.


The energy is intense and because of this there is strong magic to be had. I urge you to look at what would be an epic release on this Full Moon? What are you ready to let go of? What do you feel like you want to let go of but it just. won’t. go. away? This is the energy that will support drastic and incredible change in your life.

The higher you aim right now, the more you can achieve, but beware, with this energy, you don’t even really have to mean it. With this in mind, try and stay neutral when making these decisions this week. It is magical energy, be sure to use it wisely and remember the rule ‘harm none and nothing against another’s will’.


Think wisely about it and then write down what you want to release and burn it. Let it go. Let the Universe have it, and surrender to the changes you know you are ready to embrace in your life.


Feel the magic…it is there!


Leanne x





Three months ago, if someone had asked me to give them 5 words to describe me, I would never have added artist or even astrologer (although this one may have been more likely thank artist) to the list.


And yet here I am drawing birth chart mandalas, giving birth chart readings and intuitive guidance readings and truly living a dream I thought was impossible.


(HUGE shout out to the Universe for making this happen for me! Ha! These are the kinds of things that come to us when we are open, and we surrender, and we accept the Divine Wisdom and Guidance.)


Labels are amazing things. By sheer definition we, as humans, label everything. We label people, we label situations, we label places. And we use these labels to make judgement on whether we approve, disapprove or somewhere in the middle.


Even for a person who chooses to live a life as free from judgement as I can, I still label things. It is a part of understanding the world we live in, and I know I can use these labels to explain a situation, place or thing to others without extravagant wordy sentences.


But labels can also be very very dangerous. And I would argue that labels we put on ourselves are the most dangerous of all.


I am overweight.


I am kindhearted.


I am a pushover.


I am driven.


I am hyperactive.


I am a mother.


I am a lawyer.


I am a bitch.


And thats without even looking at the I am NOT or I CAN’T labels.


I can’t sing.


I am not an artist.


I can’t dance, draw, play piano.


I can’t do Taekwondo.


I am not a good cook.


These labels are limiting parts of our souls, parts of us, because society said at some point that we didn’t do these things to the level that it expects to be ‘good at it.’


I call bullshit on this. Absolute bullshit.


We can all sing. Not in tune maybe, but we don’t have to be on stage to use our voice.


We can all draw. Only you might know what it is, but does that matter?


We can all dance. Again, you don’t have to join the Royal Australian Ballet Company to move your body and feel your feminine (or masculine) sides. Just use your lounge room.


And I can’t imagine what would have happened when I opened myself to the Universe half way through last year and with my heart freshly ripped open, I said: “I need something more. I ask you to help me see why I am here, what I can do to serve this world. Where are my gifts that I can use to serve? Give me something, anything I can use.” What would have happened if then, when these gifts came down to me, ‘draw a mandala’ had I said ‘I don’t draw’ and shut that door back in the Universe’s face?


What about when someone asked me a question about their moon or rising sign, what if I had have said ‘I am not an astrologer’ and walked away from the conversation, instead of telling them what I knew, which I actually thought wasn’t a lot at the time?


When we ask the Universe/God for guidance, when we open ourselves up and start manifesting these lives we know we deserve, we can’t then use labels we have placed on ourselves because of a society that only sees certain aspects of beauty to control the guidance we get.


You will know if something isn’t your truth. You will know if your guidance is truly Divine, or whether you are grasping at straws. If you are in doubt, I would suggest sitting in meditation and holding the answer you think you received in your heart. Feel it. Let it simmer. If it is truly guidance it will feel amazing in there. Yes there may be a little fear. Yes it may feel too big and too scary, but if it feels right. TRY IT!


Let go of the labels, honour the WHOLE of you. Accept you aren’t amazing at everything you touch, but you CAN do it if you want to.


Biggest love


Leanne x



There is a beautiful wave rising around the world at the moment.


She is picking up … gaining momentum.


It is a wave propelled forward by love, a wave that once you start riding, you cannot get enough of, a wave like a drug.


I have fallen back off, and I couldn’t wait to jump back on and raise my vibes back up to the level of the wave.


It is the wave of sisterhood.




Our society has brought us up to believe that other women are a threat. We should try and be Cindy Crawford, Elle McPherson or Kate Moss. And if we weren’t, the man we so desired would not love us, want us, NEED us.


For women who did not look like this the best option was to compare and judge others, as this surely led to us being ‘better than’ the other person.


We were brought up with the underlying notion that women are good for sex. And sometimes, little upstart women would make a difference to the world, but that was against the odds. Of course our mothers and fathers didn’t tell us these things. They told us we could be anything we wanted to be, yet had we said we wanted to be a fireman ~ “oh there are better jobs for you than that. Be a lawyer, doctor, the world is your oyster, we fought so hard to get you here.


Our society tells us differently EVERY SINGLE DAY. There is a fine line between a woman owning her sexuality and a woman playing into the hands of society to get more publicity. And yet a woman who chooses to own her sexuality by staying modest is thought of as being oppressed.


This all keeps us playing small. Women are more than 50% of the population, yet we control less that 2% of the power. Having said that, women aren’t really interested in power… not the way men are, it would seem.


In the old days women had each other, men fought in wars, or tended the farm, or worked in the cities and women had each other. I am sure there was bitching, and we know there were classes to contend with, but the dire necessity of needing each other won out.


I am quite cynical of society, I know this, maybe I shouldn’t be, I know many women who were raised in this society and turned out okay, in fact, I meet more and more every day. Women who choose to lift each other up, not knock each other down. Women who are loving and kind to each other, not harsh and controlling. Women who choose love over fear.





Our sisterhood is a wave rising across the nations, and we can thank social media in a big way for this wave’s momentum. The connections that have been forged, the friendships made and the way we have connected is incredible and has the opportunity to be enlightening in its own way. And yet it can also be cripplingly alienating and soul destroying.


Sisters, we have a chance to change how society is. Stop buying into it. Start working on ways to live in love and look to lifting each other, not dragging each other through the mud. By this, I mean, actively DON’T judge another woman. Yes even if she feeds her daughter Doritos in the morning for breakfast. We don’t know her path, we don’t know where she has been and we certainly don’t know her lessons.


It is true that the day I gave up judging other women was the best day of my life. My ego began to take a backseat and my Soul could really speak. I stopped trying to be someone I was not, and suddenly I knew people liked me for how I am. And if they don’t, our paths were not meant to be walked together.


Recently I went to a festival, one which many people have called a ‘hippy festival’. And in a way it was. But whatever it was, it was pure bliss. Every woman there was there with an open heart, an open mind and wanted to connect, love and be loved. And the vibes that came from that day continued to reverberate through my life for weeks. The bliss that comes when you find people like you is magical. (You know I love magic!)


It is my dream to bring these types of connection nights to my local area, too many women are feeling they are on this journey alone, when there are truly so many of us and connection only helps and makes us stronger inside. I am blessed to be drawing my tribe to me as we speak, and I know that there are many more beautiful souls out there that I can connect with.


So as we move forward into an even more loving and supportive society, how can we be even more supportive of each other? What can you do today to help bring our society be based on love?


Let me know in the comments.


Biggest Love


Leanne x


Let go of the shore.


let go of the shore


Where are you?


Surfing, I keep coming back to the water, don’t I?


Can you immerse yourself in the water?




What happens when you immerse yourself?


I am laying on my back letting the waves move under me.


You are contracting, what’s happening?


The waves are getting bigger, and stronger. I hate waves. I am scared of big waves.


So what did you do?


I rode the waves into the shore.


Can you go back out there?


Have you seen the waves? They are huge.


Go back out there.




What’s happening?


I went back out there… its calm at the moment. But the waves are getting bigger.


What happens if you don’t fight the waves?


I’ll drown.


What happens if you drown?






I suppose I can just start again.


Can you make yourself really buoyant?




Now what happens?


I am still scared of the waves.


Are they always there?


No. They are coming and going. Like a storm, then calm.


What’s happening now?


I am laying on my back watching the kids play on the shore. I don’t want to go to far from the shore.


Why not?


I have no control out in the ocean. You can’t control the ocean.


Why do you need to?


To be safe.


What happens if you lose control?


I won’t be safe.


Can you let go of the shore and float out to sea?


No. My kids are on the shore playing.


Is there anyone there to keep them safe?




Let go of the shore.


I can’t.


Why not?


I don’t know.


Just sit with it. Now let go of the shore.


Your posture changed, what happened?


I let go of the shore.


Where are you?


I can’t see land.


Are you okay?


Yes. It’s calm at the moment. I am getting a strong message. Enjoy the calm. The storm will come, but enjoy the calm while it is here.


Yes. Enjoy the calm.


There is a storm coming, and I feel like I made it come quicker by thinking about it coming.


That makes sense.


What do you feel the Universe has shown you?


I can trust myself.          No.            That’s not it.


I have to be able to trust the Universe.




Exhale again.


Okay. (exhale)


She’s got your back.


I know.


Can you do it?


Yes. I can. I trust the Universe.


Is there anything else?


I am getting ‘Just Be.’


Yes. Just Be.





Some advice from my soul  ::                Let go of the shore.             Trust the Universe.                Just BE.


Leanne x