E X P L O R E ~ Honouring Oneself

Over the last few weeks, there has been quite a bit that has happened in the worlds of people around me.

But something I have come to realise is this, we can’t support these people if we aren’t honouring ourselves.

Last night I lay in bed with my man and he asked me if I was alright. I wasn’t. I wanted to run far away and sit by myself. I wanted to go home to my house and be in my bed with my things. I told him I was fine. Im okay. Everything is great babe. He knew it wasn’t.

I would have cried myself all the way home. I would have found a reason to be angrier that I left, crankier that I should have to drive all that way home.

I knew this, so I closed my eyes and I went to sleep. This morning he woke me when he left for work at an ungodly hour and gently kissed me, saying he loved me and he couldn’t wait to hold me this afternoon. His eyes were worried about me, and I am guessing about why I had been so distant last night. I kissed him back and fell into a deep sleep, until my alarm woke me 45 minutes later for my morning routine.


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Sometimes I skip this morning routine for sleep, because lets face it, sleep. Just sleep. But today I knew I couldn’t sleep through what I needed to do. I joined some beautiful sisters for a meditation circle at 6 and then sat here in this bed and went inside myself to work out what the hell I was running from/to last night.

It took a while but as always, suddenly, the answer was clear. I was running to myself. I felt like I had been neglecting who I was and what I wanted over the previous days. I mean, I always check in with myself, but I had been so ‘busy’, I hadn’t really listened to the answers. I started to disconnect from myself and when that happens, I find it hard to connect with anyone. So I asked myself the three magic questions and they were answered in an instant. 

What am I assuming? That I need to be at home to be connected to myself

What is the truth? I am right here and can connect at any moment, I can give myself the space and time wherever I am to do that. People don’t care if I need to take 5 minutes to go within. They don’t need to know thats what I am doing. This is something I need to do regularly to live this life of being in my body.

What would I love? To go to the beach this afternoon. To drink some hot tea. To allow myself to feel at home wherever I am, however it is.

Now I’m not giving up my home, and especially my bed, as my safe and happy place. It is my sanctuary. But I can see that I was putting conditions on being grounded and embodied. I can’t be connected to others when I am disconnected from myself. And sometimes, the answer you give may not be the answer other people want to hear, but when it comes from your knowing, you will be okay with honouring yourself.

If I had gone home last night at 9.30, it wouldn’t have been to honour myself, but to wake me up to the fact that I hadn’t been honouring myself. It would have been dramatic and probably traumatic and it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as nice this morning. Had I realised what was happening and honoured myself earlier, I may have decided to have dinner and then go home from a place of knowing I needed some time to be with me. It looks the same to the outside, but the feelings are worlds apart in me.

I also know that today, I will spend some time being with just me. In fact I already have. For me that looks like reading articles that I have been putting off, journalling and feeling. I ‘should’ have been finishing a reading (sorry gorgeous girl, it is coming, I promise) but this afternoon when I do it, I know I will be way more connected to it than had I done it this morning.

So I want you to go out there today, and even while you are at work, feel into where you are and ask what you would love. Don’t run on autopilot when you ask, listen to the answer. Try something different. Be IN your body.

Much love

Leanne x

Astro exploration ~ Mercury hitting up Pluto

I am feeling very satisfied these days in my spiritual practice. It is a welcome contrast to the searching I endured for the past 3 years, looking here and there, lifting veils, researching and reading. My truth has come to me, my soul is feeling heard and my light continues to be fed and can glow and shine as it is so destined to.

girl riverImage via Pinterest

But there really is always more.

Our time on Earth as humans can be 75 years of living the same year over and over. There is a beautiful quote out there by Benjamin Franklin::

“Some people die at 25,
and are not buried until 75”

That’s not going to be me.

I don’t know where you all stand on the past life situation, and either way it doesn’t really matter. This life is the one we are remembering. Right now. Where we are, and what we do right now, is what is relevant. The lessons of our Soul are whispering to us and they want to be heard, we want to be heard, seen and acknowledged.

Right now we have Pluto playing some decent games with Mercury, and this is pushing us deep into the dark corridors of our souls. Normally Pluto and Mercury hang out for about a day, but this time, there are three times they are on each other from December through to Feb.

Pluto is the planet of depth, it IS your deepest stuff. But know that not all of your deep stuff is what you consider dark, we have light at our deepest part after all.

Mercury brings it out. He jumps between the worlds, bringing about connections, carrying messages, helping to foster the communication that needs to happen to bring action to the talk. When mixed with Pluto, we can’t help but see the connection between our deepest inner world and our outer world as we move about the corridors of our lives.

Sometimes what we find in the deepest of our corridors can be scary and they can be dark…we all have them. I will say that again because it is so important…WE ALL HAVE THEM. Each person on this Earth is battling against parts of the Soul that they believe is ugly, evil, scary, inappropriate, dark, wrong. Every. Single. Person.

You are not alone.


There are as many different dark parts in people as there are people themselves, and something you consider a dark part, another might be honoured to have as part of themselves. But truly, the things you want to combat, these bits you think are dark, they can’t be held to the light if they aren’t heard and acknowledged as being there.

dancing girl

The past 12 months have taught me things about myself I never knew, I have done things I am not particularly proud of and other things that I believe saved my soul. There are dark parts to me as well, and I have come to learn that they are supposed to be there, but if they are truly meant to fall away, acknowledging them and working through it will eventually allow them to fall away.

One of my worst habits until last year was to compare. I compared myself to my best friends and to my acquaintances, but mostly to the girls I followed online. My idols, I saw their highlight reels and I thought I could never live up to that. And every time I had that thought, every time I sank into that lower vibration my own light dimmed a little.

The cure to this was given to me by the amazing Rachel MacDonald, who simply stated in a blog post – when you feel this happening, check yourself and ask what is this bringing up?  The actively shower love on that woman. Send her a message or just feel your heart open towards her. Make the love happen. It will shift your perspective.

For me, it became clear that this was triggering my ego to play my ‘not enough’ recording.

“You are not pretty enough, you are not skinny enough, you are not popular enough, you don’t have enough money, you don’t care about people enough, you don’t do enough, you aren’t enough, you aren’t enough, you aren’t enough.”

Now this is a demon I still battle with. I still hear my ‘enough’ recording play. But now, I can shift to my soul recording who counters this with ‘There is no perfect. You are simply you and that is enough.’ And I have an amazing partner who helps to bring me out of this with his simple words ‘you don’t need to DO anything to be wonderful.’

Now this is the perfect astrological time to go into these parts and see them. Allow yourself to be with them and ask your Soul what it is that it wants to say about this.

My ritual will be about something different than my enough recording. Something I am still discovering in me and I am ready to learn and release. It is my need for external validation. Maybe this is tied in to and related to my enough story, or maybe it isn’t, but the need to have others approve of me is seriously holding me down and holding me back.

You know there is something you are ready to shine a light on and acknowledge. Your soul is already speaking to you about it. If it is scary, if it is too much, pick something else….it might all be related. Maybe there are things that are hurting you externally, but remember that we need to work on ourselves before our external will change to match our internal. We are responsible for the energy we bring to the world, but not for other people’s energy.

So much love and respect to you all for being here with me on this journey

Leanne x

E X P L O R E ~ the sessions

Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light. – Brene Brown

I am ready to travel…travel the inner and outer realms of what is dying underneath my skin to be heard, and felt and lived, and acknowledged.

explore and love

To do this, I am going to make intentional decisions to go with the energy flowing in the Universe at that time and invite exploration and growth of mySoul at all times this year. Even when it might be hard, even when it might be scary.

This isn’t ‘I am going to push myself this year ~ no, no, no ~ this is ‘I am going to flow into every crevice and corner of mySoul that needs to be seen, be heard, be honoured. Through flow and kindness, love and acceptance, I am going to feel what is right for me this year.’

There is always a heads up about what is coming, through the ancient art astrology we can access the energy of above, and as always, this energy flows down here on our beautiful planet as it does up there in the heavens. This is ours for the taking! Using and working with this energy in bring about change is what it means to be awake…


And the Moon. Our great big guiding Crone in the sky, as we go about our little lives here on Earth, she moves our waters, she heals and she helps us shed, I will be exploring that more this year too.

So step with me, brave explorerHearts as we move into the year that some astrologers are labelling as a ‘difficult’ year. Let us bring this energy intentionally into our lives, our Souls, and with wonder and abandonment allow ourselves the luxury of flowing through with ease and purpose to create and explore all our little nuances.

Check in tomorrow for the beginning of the astrology updates and how I am going to be using them to create Magic in my life! Check out Facebook for the short story, and Insta for some extra fun through art, and tarot that help me ground and understand.

So much love

Leanne x


Right now, I am human.
Some days I want to go home….to that place I come from…of love. Truth. Acceptance.
Humaning is hard. And heavy. Our energy knows light, love, open, expansive space.
Humaning requires our energy to become dense, solid, and yes this is powerful, and magical, but it is hard some days.


We are choosing pain, anguish and negative emotions. We choose to come here to experience what it is to feel…and sometimes it would be so much easier to not feel. To stop the pain. To go back to the love.

But I am here for a reason, it’s not time to go home yet, and lately I have been sobbing for a place I know only in my heart as my home, unsure where that is or what it means, but knowing it’s not time to go there yet.

And from all this has come some form of clarity, that we honestly do create the life we are ready to live. We create our experiences and we make life happen.

So why are we choosing the struggle?

Yes we are here to experience all of the range of emotions and feelings that we can, as humans, experience. But we are dulling our energy down by constantly choosing to experience the pain. It’s up to us to change this, it’s up to you to make your life better.

No one is coming to save you.

We need to find our alignments. You need to find what is honest and true for you! Living in that alignment brings flow and ease into your life, it takes away the struggle.

I  also realised, thanks to something a beautiful and wise friend said to me yesterday, that when we try and prove something to other people, we step out of our truth and power and into theirs. We give up what we stand for and the unique light and message we carry here on earth. We give that up and we step into their message and light, if they are even honouring theirs. And what happens then?

let go of the shore

We can’t be who we need to be to continue on our path. Because we have stepped off it. And then we are out of alignment…we start acting in a way that isn’t true to us, we stop validating ourselves and start needing others to validate us. We cling, we love zombie and we stop self-loving.

Always, the Universe gives us chances to course correct….to bring ourselves back into alignment. Every time we don’t, we stray further, we push more and more struggle into our lives. Some people like the struggle, they are addicted to it, or so it seems. Others don’t know that simply by choosing differently we can step out of struggle and into flow. It’s not always easy, in fact sometimes, it will feel like the hardest decision you have ever made, but you will feel the pull over and over and when you finally do it, you will feel the weight release from your shoulders.

In the course of this, you may lose people. It might be hard, in fact, you may lose people you think you can’t live without. You might lose people who you are ready to let go of, but you will start to find YOUR people when you step back onto you path and live in alignment. I need to also say, we can live without anyone. As long as we have ourselves. I mean really truly, love and honour yourself. Be there for you. Have your own back. If you wouldn’t let your best friend take it, don’t take it for yourself. Ever.


Now take time to sit in stillness and as the beautiful Lauren from Inner Hue taught me, ask the Universe/God/your Guides “what is the next step”. Feel into your heart and let the answer come. Listen, really listen and take this step. You can do it. Do you know how I know? Because if I can, anyone can…

I believe in you.

Leanne x

and then I felt it….

It’s there….

I can feel it.

Simmering below the surface of my heart, ready to be heard, felt, believed.

But can I believe it?


My doubt raises her head “you can’t, it’s not real”

My heart skips



And sends the feeling through me again.

I listen a little deeper. I breathe into the feelings…

Can I?

imageI whisper “what is the next step?”

She answers and the feeling is in full bloom.

Ask and you shall receive….

And I know in this moment I am safe to create and grow from this space.

It’s time to get rid of these demons, it’s time to look into my shadows.

It’s time to release them once and for all.

Because I am ready to SHINE!

Leanne x

New Moon in Cancer {Family Roots}

We have a solid reset New Moon on Thursday at 11.24 (AEST) and you can use her to really bring about a change in your thought patterns and the way you function in situations.

cancer moon

As we know Cancer is all about family, but we have to remember that family means so many different things to different people, and Cancerians are the first to see that. While they can also be quite traditional, they also see and acknowledge the differences in others, honouring those differences, probably before they themselves will.

For this New Moon another part of the Cancer traits are being triggered. In fact, there is a lot being triggered right now. This moon is pushing us into our ancestry, into what has gone before. Normally, I don’t look back into my past. I see our energetic makeup as quite able to wash away the past, IF we don’t need to learn a lesson from it.

But this is different, it is a very good time to honour those who have walked before us and the lives we have lived before. In honouring them, we can also let go of anything we no longer need to hold on to from their past.

Cancer traditionally rules the fourth house on the zodiac wheel and this is the house of past, family, home, upbringing, karmic baggage and emotions. This house speaks to the soul of a Cancerian. This is the house of the maternal line, where the tenth house speaks to the paternal line. This moon is triggering these issues, and especially your mothers lineage and what has been left for you here.

The Moon is the ruler of Cancer and so this moon has a little more depth to it, she is in her element here, she is happy, content, at home. A good place for a ritual today would be somewhere you feel at home, comfortable, as Cancer’s love being at home, they are also in their element there.

You may FEEL everything today, as most Cancers do, they are the sign of emotions, not just theirs, but other people’s as well. Today you may find that you can sense what others are feeling more than normal, go with it. But own your feelings above any others. This is YOUR reset. What are ready to be done with?

Your soul knows what is heavy. Your soul can feel what you need to do away with. Is your ego going to let it go? Be ready to see what your ancestors have left for you, good and bad. Take what you wish and leave the rest, after all, we are a sum of our circumstances as much as anything else.

Have fun with this. Talk to your ancestors. Tell them what you need, ask them for support, tell them what you want to let go of. They are here to help us move through these karmic lessons, and we can use this time to help us do it with ease.

So much love to you

Leanne x

{Dark Moon}

We are now in the phase of the dark moon, for me, a time of addressing my shadows and my darkness. Its inside all of us.
One big theme of July is self imposed limits. Pluto is a big player this month, as is Mars.
July is not a month of action, but of clearing and preparing for action in August. Sit tight, start to declutter. What doesn’t feel right or rubs and causes friction in your life, begin to loosen the grip and get ready to let it go.


What is happening is that we are seeing, really clearly seeing the parts that are rubbing us the wrong way and although its frustrating, we are in between here, not ready for the action, but feeling the friction.

Be an observer, let it sit and let it burn. Decide whether the burn is worth it. Let the friction help you see what isn’t working, observe the areas that feel heavy in your life. Look at where your energy is heavy and not light, airy and productive.

Use this to begin to feel into how you want your life to be in that area. Let the burn make you dream of something better. August will be the time to begin action in that area, but we can’t change what we don’t know we want to change.

Don’t run from the frictions, sit with them and see what you want to fix and start to see that problem as fixed, in the way you want it to be fixed.

The Dark Moon is a place where we can feel into our depths, let this be a time of truth, ready for the New Moon and your intentions in the coming week. A New Moon in Cancer is going to bring home the fact that we are, in fact, given free will for a reason. We are in charge of creating the life we want…

But more of that later.

So much love and white light to you

Leanne x

{ritual} Take Time to Make Tea

The smallest things are rituals, and can make magic in your day.

One of my favourites is making tea.

I drink quite a bit of tea, but most of it is easy and quick to make, boil the kettle, chuck in a teabag and get the tea and back to work as quickly as possible.

But today I took the time to slow it down a little.

I got out my teapot. I got out some decedent loose leaf tea. And I made tea for my soul.

My soul is craving it. My soul needs some loving at the moment.


Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset


And while the tea was seeping and spreading its lovely colours through the water, I realised something quite profound :

I am relying on other people to nourish my soul, I am expecting them to take care of my self-love, self-care and at the moment, I am needing people to validate me. Rather, I need to be giving all of this to myself. This is why I feel so scattered and so confused.

As I poured my tea I said to myself ‘I am in charge of my life. I choose to be happy. With this tea I feed my body, my mind and my soul with my love for myself.’

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

As I picked up my teacup I said to myself ‘As this tea warms my hands through the cup, so too does this tea warm and open my heart. With love and acceptance for myself I choose joy.’

As I drank the tea, I said to myself ‘As this tea enters my body, I ground down into the Earth we are blessed to walk upon. I ask the Earth to support me as I nurture myself back up.’


I then went and sat outside in the sun. It wasn’t a lot and it didn’t take long, but it began a nourishing process I hadn’t realised how much I needed.  My heart chakra is open and ready to receive again, I am growing, I am transitioning, and I am going to love myself through it. When we close off our heart chakras we don’t protect ourselves, we trap our love and stop it from getting out there. When we aren’t loving, we aren’t able to receive love either.

IMG_0943 copy


Is there a ritual you do that nourishes your soul?

Is there something you can do for yourself today to say ‘I am loved, I am okay’?

Sending all the love and white light to you

Leanne x

The Winter Solstice….the shortest day of the year

It is a cold and dreary winters night….the longest of the year. It is the night we honour the darkness when we feel into the part of the cycle of life we all seem so afraid of, the death.

Darkness comes in winter, with the cold, with the dying of the leaves, and the falling of snow, rain or fog. The days grow shorter, and we begin to hibernate. As we pull ourselves inside earlier and earlier to sit with a fire, in warmth, we see the shadows.


The honouring of the shortest day is a tradition that stretches back a long long time. And in honouring it we also honour our own darkness. We look inside and we know, that life is a duality, it isn’t good or evil, it isn’t light or dark, it is both. The Winter Solstice reflects the parts of us we may be ashamed to see, we may not want to honour. But as with everything, the dark is part of us and it is here to stay.

These longer nights are the perfect time to hibernate and reflect. It is a time to retreat and withdraw, listening to and honouring what we can see nature is asking of us. This is passage from the dark to the light. The passage from death to the next life. This is where we bloom again. We can access the wisdom of the ages ::

Accept your mortality
Love your darkness
Be with your shadows

And through this, as we await the coming of the sun, the coming of the warmth in the morning, we acknowledge our beautiful Earth for the giving of life. We honour the Sun for the giving of Light. We honour the Cycles as we moves back towards Summer.

For me this period is of gratitude. A period when we can see that, although at times things are dark, the sun will rise again. Light will prevail. It is this we can hold on to in our darkest and longest nights.

In the ritual I perform each year, I honour not just the young and divine Maiden, or the supple and creative Mother, but the Crone as well, the wise and kind Crone who has seen many dark nights, and brings light to other’s lives just be being. This is who I seek to embody at this time.


Our society shuns age, as though it is a weakness. It is not. It the amazing gift of a life well served. It is the wisdom of years and knowledge nothing can replace. The Goddess Freya sits at her spinning wheel, spinning our wheel of fate…keeping us moving, the energy flowing. It is her holiday, as she also creates the clouds, and therefore, is partly responsible for the fertility of the Earth. Between her and the returning sun, we have life. We keep life.

Merry meet my loves, and blessed be.

Much love

Leanne x

Everything is Energy

Its an interesting concept that we are Energy.

It makes sense…

Although we may use different words to describe what we sense, at our core, we are energy. Our bodies eat food, which gives us energy. We have energy flowing out of us everywhere. We use energy to access our intuition and energy helps us connect with the Divine.


And as we are responsible for our physical, mental and emotional bodies, we are also responsible for our energetic body as well.

Last year my journey towards my own spiritual growth was stepped up a notch when I went through some hardcore life lessons (with the help of Saturn – thanks for that). And as my world seemingly fell down around me, I began to see my true nature and my true strength. And I wanted to know more and more.

Those who know me will agree, I am a perpetual student who loves to learn and is constantly doing courses to learn more. One of the courses I was drawn to was Belinda Davidson’s School of the Modern Mystic.

It took me a long time to decide to spend the money on this course. It took me a long time to decide to spend the money on me. But the day that I made that decision, changed the course of my life forever.

This course takes you through your energy field, starting at your base chakra and moving through them, to the White Light at the end, where it all comes together. I literally began to live and co-create the life I wanted in 6 months.

I loved this course so much that I became an affiliate for it because I want everyone to do it. If you are ready to live your dream life and get yourself out of this cycle of struggle you feel like you are living, this course is for you! Click this link and check it out!

I will be doing a series of posts on just how this course has changed my life and the things that happened for me during it. For now, jump over and sign up for some free training to see if the course is a fit for you.

Belinda Davidson's School of the Modern Mystic starts September 29th!


So much love

Leanne x