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The beauty of Islam…

Recently Islam has been in the headlines because some people…I am guessing Muslim people….have used Allah and Muhammad (pbuh) when they have committed atrocious acts of cruelty and cowardice.   I have something to say about this, and it is in defence of the majority of Muslim people, so if you don’t like that stand,… Read More

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What is a ritual?   What does a ritual mean?   What does a ritual do?   Ritual is a way for our souls to speak to us. They are soothing and special. They bring us closer to God or to your soul, or to the Universe…. They help us feel. They make us feel… Read More

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Basic Bitch…

  I have found this to be the hardest post I have ever written.   Because I feel like I am judging people for judging people. And I dislike judgement intensely.   Hands up if you were bullied? Hands up if you did the bullying? Hands up if you stood by and watched it? I was… Read More

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The Refining of my Truth

  So much has been happening in my little mind/heart/soul over this delicious week away.   Big changing decisions have been brewing and I can feel them below my skin…swirling…ready to make themselves known.   Being in a different place and having time has been inspiring.   Time with my babies   Time with my… Read More

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