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Astro exploration ~ Mercury hitting up Pluto

I am feeling very satisfied these days in my spiritual practice. It is a welcome contrast to the searching I endured for the past 3 years, looking here and there, lifting veils, researching and reading. My truth has come to me, my soul is feeling heard and my light continues to be fed and can glow and shine as it is so destined to.

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But there really is always more.

Our time on Earth as humans can be 75 years of living the same year over and over. There is a beautiful quote out there by Benjamin Franklin::

“Some people die at 25,
and are not buried until 75”

That’s not going to be me.

I don’t know where you all stand on the past life situation, and either way it doesn’t really matter. This life is the one we are remembering. Right now. Where we are, and what we do right now, is what is relevant. The lessons of our Soul are whispering to us and they want to be heard, we want to be heard, seen and acknowledged.

Right now we have Pluto playing some decent games with Mercury, and this is pushing us deep into the dark corridors of our souls. Normally Pluto and Mercury hang out for about a day, but this time, there are three times they are on each other from December through to Feb.

Pluto is the planet of depth, it IS your deepest stuff. But know that not all of your deep stuff is what you consider dark, we have light at our deepest part after all.

Mercury brings it out. He jumps between the worlds, bringing about connections, carrying messages, helping to foster the communication that needs to happen to bring action to the talk. When mixed with Pluto, we can’t help but see the connection between our deepest inner world and our outer world as we move about the corridors of our lives.

Sometimes what we find in the deepest of our corridors can be scary and they can be dark…we all have them. I will say that again because it is so important…WE ALL HAVE THEM. Each person on this Earth is battling against parts of the Soul that they believe is ugly, evil, scary, inappropriate, dark, wrong. Every. Single. Person.

You are not alone.


There are as many different dark parts in people as there are people themselves, and something you consider a dark part, another might be honoured to have as part of themselves. But truly, the things you want to combat, these bits you think are dark, they can’t be held to the light if they aren’t heard and acknowledged as being there.

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The past 12 months have taught me things about myself I never knew, I have done things I am not particularly proud of and other things that I believe saved my soul. There are dark parts to me as well, and I have come to learn that they are supposed to be there, but if they are truly meant to fall away, acknowledging them and working through it will eventually allow them to fall away.

One of my worst habits until last year was to compare. I compared myself to my best friends and to my acquaintances, but mostly to the girls I followed online. My idols, I saw their highlight reels and I thought I could never live up to that. And every time I had that thought, every time I sank into that lower vibration my own light dimmed a little.

The cure to this was given to me by the amazing Rachel MacDonald, who simply stated in a blog post – when you feel this happening, check yourself and ask what is this bringing up?  The actively shower love on that woman. Send her a message or just feel your heart open towards her. Make the love happen. It will shift your perspective.

For me, it became clear that this was triggering my ego to play my ‘not enough’ recording.

“You are not pretty enough, you are not skinny enough, you are not popular enough, you don’t have enough money, you don’t care about people enough, you don’t do enough, you aren’t enough, you aren’t enough, you aren’t enough.”

Now this is a demon I still battle with. I still hear my ‘enough’ recording play. But now, I can shift to my soul recording who counters this with ‘There is no perfect. You are simply you and that is enough.’ And I have an amazing partner who helps to bring me out of this with his simple words ‘you don’t need to DO anything to be wonderful.’

Now this is the perfect astrological time to go into these parts and see them. Allow yourself to be with them and ask your Soul what it is that it wants to say about this.

My ritual will be about something different than my enough recording. Something I am still discovering in me and I am ready to learn and release. It is my need for external validation. Maybe this is tied in to and related to my enough story, or maybe it isn’t, but the need to have others approve of me is seriously holding me down and holding me back.

You know there is something you are ready to shine a light on and acknowledge. Your soul is already speaking to you about it. If it is scary, if it is too much, pick something else….it might all be related. Maybe there are things that are hurting you externally, but remember that we need to work on ourselves before our external will change to match our internal. We are responsible for the energy we bring to the world, but not for other people’s energy.

So much love and respect to you all for being here with me on this journey

Leanne x

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