‘You may say I’m a DREAMER, but I’m NOT the ONLY one…’ – John Lennon (Imagine)


Welcome Dreamers, I am so glad we can connect.
This WEBSITE is a home for  KINDNESS  ::  RESPECT  ::  LOVE  ::  PEACE  ::  DISCUSSION





I am an intuitive mumma, an arts/law graduate and a lover of cultures, astrology, ritual and humanity. I am on a deep journey of spirit, soul and self, which has led me to create a place where ideas, dreams and love can be fostered and grown.





There is this moment in your life when you look around and see all you have built, all you have gathered, and you ask yourself ‘is this what I really want? Am I living in my truth?’

Luckily for me, the answer was yes. But there was something missing.

I believe in love.

I believe in truth.

And I believe that through knowing ourselves and loving ourselves, we can find the acceptance and love we are searching for.

I also believe in energy. Everything is energy. Fix your energy, fix your life!



I have a deep and profound love of people. All people. I see the good in them. I see the love in them. I want to know more and more about everyone. Every culture, every person. And what I see as truth is that we are all the same.

If we take a minute to look at what we as a human desire from our core we can fully connect to all other people around us. Because deep down we all need the same things.


Because deep down we are all the same.




There are many nay-sayers and there are many who believe I can’t change a single thing. And they are right.


They are right if:


I don’t try.


I don’t ask for help.


We don’t live in love.


We don’t make an effort.




We have so much to learn from each other. This world is an incredible and beautiful place. We, as humans, have been entrusted with it. Each culture has something unique that it brings to the earth and we should celebrate this.


What would Rome be without the Colosseum? What about the incredible Al – Haram Mosque at Mecca? Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro? These physical icons don’t even come close to the cultural and societal advancements each culture has contributed to this world.


Why have we become so fearful of different cultures that we are failing to see what we can learn from them?


At what point did we decide that our way was the only way? That anyone who does it differently must be wrong? What drives this judgement and non-acceptance of difference?




And I believe the answer to fear is LOVE.


There is a huge spiritual and physical shift happening around the world. The energy is moving away from old systems that are clearly not working anymore and towards a more peaceful and loving future.


Lets get on board this shift and invoke a revolution of humanity!




I believe in





When we embrace both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and accept them in all their difference, the sexes will truly be equal. In this acceptance and this love of both masculine and feminine energies we can start to heal our world.



If we could get to a place where more women were in world leader roles we would see a world in which nurture, love and acceptance are recognised as positive human traits instead of negative.


I am in love with




beach 2



If you want to connect, please send me an email at leanne (at) thebeautyofgrey (dot) net




Unfortunately, due to human nature I do feel that I need some guidelines surrounding this website.

Conversation is Important.

And I encourage you to please leave feedback, differing opinions, responses and hallelujah moments, after all, this is a global fight for peace that we are undertaking.

Respect is Paramount.

Nothing less will be allowed. There will be no trolling, no offensive material or words nor any personal attacks. If you post these, the comment will be deleted. This doesn’t mean that I will delete a differing opinion, in fact I encourage that, without discussion and debate we can’t grow and learn. But the minute it turns personal, it won’t be posted.

Have Fun.

We need to relax a little too. So please know that this blog won’t be all angsty, all of the time. My life is incredibly fun and fulfilling and that will also be appearing on this website. Please don’t expect all posts to be political, religious, or controversial. I may even throw in some craft! Ha!

I Love your Input.

Please email me if you have an idea for a post. If there is something you want clarity on that I can help with, any questions you have or if you just want to say hello. I would love to hear from you! My email is admin (at) thebeautyofgrey (dot) net.

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