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Let’s talk about magic.

Magic is in everything, it is everywhere. My role is to help guide you back to your magic, help you find your truth in this world that is telling us magic doesn’t exist.



   I am passionate about ritual magic, chakras and energy. Through Astrology, the cards and my Intuition, we can get you to see just how magical you are, and help you to conciously create with the universe.

I also create beautiful artworks, such as the personalised Star Magic Charts + Readings, which tap into your very own magic from the stars created simply by you being birthed into this world. After all, we are made of star dust.


Latest Blog  Posts


E X P L O R E ~ Honouring Oneself

Over the last few weeks, there has been quite a bit that has happened in the worlds of people around me. But something I have come to realise is this,…

girl river

Astro exploration ~ Mercury hitting up Pluto

I am feeling very satisfied these days in my spiritual practice. It is a welcome contrast to the searching I endured for the past 3 years, looking here and there,…


E X P L O R E ~ the sessions

Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light. – Brene Brown I am ready to travel…travel the inner and…



Right now, I am human. Some days I want to go home….to that place I come from…of love. Truth. Acceptance. Humaning is hard. And heavy. Our energy knows light, love,…


and then I felt it….

It’s there…. I can feel it. Simmering below the surface of my heart, ready to be heard, felt, believed. But can I believe it? My doubt raises her head “you…

cancer moon

New Moon in Cancer {Family Roots}

We have a solid reset New Moon on Thursday at 11.24 (AEST) and you can use her to really bring about a change in your thought patterns and the way…

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